Which WWE Superstar is a Huge Fan of Eva Marie?

Thank you to my homegirl Eva Marie for this very cool birthday message. What impresses me most about her is that she has a certain drive and determination that can only come from someone who knows what it's like to have been down and to have struggled. Eva's struggle has clearly created a fierce focus in her which is so cool to see and here's the best part... she's willin' to put in the daily hard ass work to achieve and accomplish all of her goals in -- and outside of the ring. It's a real pleasure working with and mentoring this woman. Road is long and we're just gettin' started.. Plus I gave my word to our agent @bslater9 that I'll make sure she always handles her business like a straight up G. #FutureWWEDivaChamp #OD #LetsGetToWork #Repost @natalieevamarie ・・・
Happy Birthday to not only the hardest working man in the room, but also, and most importantly, the kindest. Most people know @therock as The Badass, The Movie Star, The Wrestler, The Entertainer. In all these areas he is second to none. However, not everyone gets to see what is most impressive about DJ, the part that those fortunate enough to call him friend get to see...his heart. Rock has stayed humble, grounded, and kind in the midst of massive world wide success and has never forgotten the little guy. He is a man who's schedule rivals that of the President of the United States, yet he still makes time to check in on his friends, offer advice, and help in any way he can. - In my own career he has mentored me, encouraged me, and helped shaped the path of success I am now walking. He has told me to always "Remember we can have everything we want in life. We just gotta be willing to put in the work and be open to how to get it." - Happy Birthday to my mentor, motivator, and homeboy! Keep it gangster today #EasyBayKids #LikeAG #OD

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The Rock, at this stage of his storied career, is one of the most classy members of the WWE Universe. When Eva Marie decided to write a long (and inspiring) birthday message to the "Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment," he was incredibly appreciative and wrote back an equally inspiring message. As you can see here, Eva Marie is working incredibly hard to improve and The Rock made sure to point that out and that she would become a future WWE Divas Champ. If The Rock believes, maybe we all should too...

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