Who Attacked Enzo Amore? Was It Big Cass?

Monday night on Raw, WWE officials went to find Big Cass after it appears that Enzo was attacked by someone backstage.

When Enzo came around, he revealed that he was jumped from behind and has no idea who it was, since he was literally knocked out of his own shoes. There are a few theories about the attack though.

Many of the WWE Universe think it could have been Big Cass so that the duo can finally split, while WWE already toyed with the Apollo Crews theory on Monday.

It seems that it wasn't either of these men as WWE either accidentally or purposely panned the camera out backstage a few minutes before and showed The Revival walking around behind Sasha Banks.

The team have history with Enzo and Cass and are currently out of action because of a jaw injury to Dash Wilder. The duo were not scheduled to be on the show but they were backstage wearing their own merch while looking at the part of the corridor that was being filmed, which is slightly suspicious.

It seems that WWE wanted the duo to be seen and it could now be setting up an epic feud between two popular teams on Monday Night Raw. There will definitely be fireworks when Big Cass finds out.

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