Who Came Up With The "List Of Jericho" And What Change Did Vince Make?

Busted Open Radio awarded Chris Jericho their 2016 Comeback Of The Year Award and one of the things they talked about in the interview was The List Of Jericho. The List was one of the best bits of the year. But who came up with the idea? And what one thing did Vince McMahon change about it?

"The List came up and that was really my co-writer for most of the year, Jimmy Jacobs, he actually came up with The List Of Jericho. We were like, 'Oh let's give it a try' and after the first night it really worked. After that I was like 'Let's actually get a list.' If you see the first couple of weeks it was just a clipboard, and then Vince was actually off for a few weeks because I think that's when he tore his quad or something along those lines, so I went to the props department and I said, 'can you make me a list but I want it made out of steel, I want it to be thick like a tablet. So if you hit somebody with it, it'll knock em out.'"

"When Vince came back I kind of told him, 'here's this list that I got and I had it made so I can use it as a foreign object.' He thought it was great. The first idea was for me to take it to the ring and use it for finishes, but he didn't want that, he just wanted it to be this entity. Next thing you know The List Of Jericho is more over than 80 percent of the roster. Now everyone wants to be on the list and the only way to get heat off of it is if I tease putting people on the list, and then don't put them on the list. That actually gets heat now."

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Who Came Up With The "List Of Jericho" And What Change Did Vince Make?