Who Got Better With Age? 10 Photos Of Trish Stratus And 10 Of Torrie Wilson

Trish Stratus versus Torrie Wilson. It's the age old question: which former WWE Diva is more attractive? There's no question who wins in terms of accomplishments. Trish has earned pretty much every major honor possible at the WWE. She was even named Diva of the Decade for the 2000s after spending only six years at Vince McMahon's promotion. And it's not all about her looks. As time went on, Trish became a proficient wrestler. In fact, she holds the record for the most WWE Women's Championship reigns in wrestling history, winning the belt seven times during her career. As if that weren't enough, Trish was inducted into the coveted WWE Hall of Fame in 2013, only seven years after retiring in 2006.

On the other hand, Torrie's main draw has always been her looks. This smokin' diva started her career at WCW before joining the WWE after the latter bought out the former. While Torrie never won any championships during her time in the wrestling business, and hasn't yet been invited to the Hall of Fame, she is the only recipient of WWE's Golden Thong Award, which she won in 2002. So again, Torrie doesn't even come close to Trish's accomplishment. But we're not here to compare wrestling stats. We're here to answer the question once and for all: who got hotter with age?

20 Trish in White

Trish Stratus (real name Patricia Anne Stratigeas) began her career as a fitness model, which should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who's ever seen the incredible shape she's in. In fact, to this day, Trish continues to train and live a healthy lifestyle. She even runs her own health and fitness website where she gives advice to her fans about how to stay in shape.

The way she got into modeling is every girl's dream: Trish was simply working a receptionist job at a gym in Ontario, Canada (where's she from) when the publisher of MuscleMag International happened to see her and invited her to take some test shots for the magazine. Trish eventually appeared in the magazine's May 1998 cover. The rest as they say is pretty much history.

19 Torrie in Gray

Torrie Wilson, one of the biggest female stars of both WCW and the WWE, graced the ring for nine years, from 1999 to 2008. But before joining the wrestling business, Torrie was already very athletic. She was a cheerleader and ran track and field in her hometown of Boise, Idaho, and eventually took an interest in modeling.

Unfortunately, her initial attempt at getting into the modeling world came with a harsh consequence. When told that she wasn't thin enough to be a model, she developed both anorexia and bulimia while trying to lose weight. But despite this dark time for Torrie, she eventually did become a fitness model, which was the springboard she needed to get into wrestling. It was only a matter of time before she entered the WCW ring.

18 Trish Stretching

After she got picked up by a fitness mag, things ran pretty smoothly for Trish, who only two years after appearing on the cover of MuscleMag International made her debut with the WWE. But before she ever considered modeling, Trish was a science nerd and an athlete. She went to York University in Toronto, where she studied biology and kinesiology. Trish also played soccer and field hockey for the school.

It seems that from an early age Trish was interested in developing more than just her looks. Her studies in biology and kinesiology -- the study of the mechanics of body movement -- undoubtedly came handy when it came to her fitness training. It sounds like Trish is as intelligent and well-versed in science as she is attractive.

17 Torrie in a Field

Before joining WCW, Torrie participated in several fitness competitions. In 1998, she won the Miss Galaxy Pageant and first place in the grace and physique round of the Tri-Fitness Championships. Interestingly enough, Torrie has always been very fit despite the fact that she's not very known for her wrestling skills. It's really unfortunate that she was never really given any interesting storylines based on her athleticism, since she really put the work in at the gym behind the scenes.

Torrie would exercise at least four times a week while touring with the WWE. Looking at pictures of her now, you can tell she's not lost any of her fire. If anything, she truly looks better now than she did during her wrestling days. Good for her!

16 Trish Ready for Her Close Up

Trish has been interested in wrestling ever since she was a little girl. In fact, she was quite the fan of many of the most iconic wrestlers of the 80s and 90s. Her favorite wrestlers growing up were Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, according to CBS. Despite the fact that her goal was to eventually become a doctor, her love for wrestling never dwindled in the years between going to school and getting signed by the WWE.

During her time as a fitness model, Trish joined The Fan 590, a sports radio station based in Toronto, for Live Audio Wrestling, which she hosted with Big Daddy Donnie & Jeff Marek. If that's not the sign of a hardcore wrestling fan, we don't know what is!

15 Torrie's Mirror Selfie

A common theme through all of Torrie's pictures on this list and pretty much all of her photographs on social media is fitness. It seems that Torrie is ALWAYS working out. Just keep scrolling down and you'll see. It's this same dedication that caught the attention of the WCW in 1999.

Just prior to her debut at WCW, Torrie moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. Fun fact: another beloved wrestling diva, Stacy Keibler (known as "The Legs of WCW" and later WWE due to her 42-inch legs), was her roommate during this time. Torrie never became an actress, but she sure got the chance to work in some pretty dramatic storylines during her time in the wrestling business, mostly involving love triangles between different wrestlers.

14 Trish Getting Ready to Work Out

The WWE eventually reached out to young Trish, who had made a name for herself as a model in Canada and was ready to enter the mainstream. Trish signed with the promotion in November 1999 and began her training at Sully's Gym in Toronto, where she trained with retired wrestler Ron Hutchison, best known for his brief time at the WWE, as well as Maple Leaf Wrestling and Grand Prix Wrestling.

In that gym, Trish would go on to learn the fundamentals of the art of wrestling. As we already said, Trish was as well known for her time in the ring as her looks. And it all started in Hutchison's gym. Just a few months after signing on with the promotion, Trish made her debut with the WWE on March 19, 2000. The WWE Divas would never be the same again.

13 Torrie Relaxing on the Beach

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Torrie made her debut at WCW in 1999 after showing up to one of the promotion's shows with her boyfriend at the time and being asked to act as Scott Steiner's valet during the event. Thus her time in the world of wrestling had truly begun. She debuted in earnest as a character named "Samantha," a member of the New World Order, the most popular stable of heels at the time. Her first storyline involved her seducing Ric Flair's son, David Flair, and convincing him to turn on his dad.

After that, Torrie was Flair's valet during his reign as the United States Heavyweight Champion. Of course, Torrie's onscreen persona was not a one man kind of girl. Most of her time at WCW involved her stepping out on someone else.

12 Trish Still Fit As Ever

Trish debuted as a villainous character. She was the fierce manager of the tag team known as T & A, which was made up of wrestlers Test and Prince Albert. Despite the fact that she was a very steamy presence in the ring, fans really enjoyed booing her during her early appearances. Feuds with the Hardy Boyz and Too Cool led to Trish being driven through a table and eventually getting the Stink Face from Rikishi, which is just about the worst thing that can happen to a diva.

None of this slowed Trish down though. Even though she was a heel, it would only be a matter of time before fans started to love her. In June 2000, she made her in-ring debut in a three-man tag team match in which she teamed up with T & A against the Hardy Boyz and Lita.

11 Torrie Running Up the Stairs

Torrie eventually left David Flair for Billy Kidman, whom she started flirting with backstage one night. This sparked a feud between Flair and Kidman, which saw Torrie betray the former and leave the ring with the latter. This was the beginning of Torrie's shifty wrestling persona. But in real life, Torrie was actually quite fond of Kidman, who had helped her with her training.

The diva married Kidman in 2003 and spent most of their marriage in the wrestling business, although they didn't work together much after a bankrupt WCW was bought out by WWE. They both went to WWE as part of the Invasion story, which saw WCW and ECW attack the WWE for several months. Torrie and Kidman were both portrayed as villains during that time.

10 Trish All Done Up

Trish's early feuds brought her toe to toe against Lita, one of her main competitors during the Attitude Era, and Stephanie McMahon, the princess of WWE. The latter feud began when Trish started getting a little too close to Vince McMahon, who has to have an affair with every new diva that shows up at the WWE. Seriously, it's like the storyline of every hot new female wrestler at the promotion.

Well, Stephanie didn't take kindly to her dad planning to divorce her mother and fooling around with Trish. The feud reached peak when Vince betrayed her and dumped sewage on Trisj and told her their relationship was over. She eventually slapped Vince in the face at WrestleMania 17, which made her a fan favorite from that point forward.

9 Torrie Post-Workout

No wrestling debut by a hot diva would be complete without her having an affair with Vince McMahon, which was pretty much Torrie's first solo storyline at the WWE. McMahon, who is no stranger to affairs (as you've already read with Trish), spent a little time fooling around with Torrie before being caught by his wife, Linda. Yikes!

Torrie also teamed up with Stacy Keibler, who had also made the transition from WCW to WWE at the time, against the WWE's prime female superstars, Trish and Lita. Here's a dream scenario that actually happened: these four steamy divas duked it out in a bra and panties match during 2001's InVasion pay-per-view. The victory went to the WWE that night, but the real winners were in the audience.

8 Trish Showing Off Her Abs

Trish was born to be a champion and her run of championship wins from 2001 to 2003 is one for the history books. In fact, she held the Women's Championship belt four times in the span of three years as well as the Hardcore Championship. Interestingly enough, only four women have held the Hardcore Championship, all of which took place during a period when the belt had to be defended 24/7, meaning anyone could challenge the champion at any time as long as there was a referee to perform the three count.

She pinned Crash Holly in the middle of a hectic fight between several wrestlers to become the Hardcore Champion. The belt was quickly stripped from her though by Stevie Richards, who had actually begun that night as the champion in the first place. It was a real mess.

7 Torrie Playing with Her Dog

Torrie continued to participate in naughty versions of singles and tag team matches, as well as bikini and thong contests, for much of the rest of her time at the WWE. She wrestled in the WWE's first lingerie match ever against Stacy Keibler, who started a feud with Torrie for her relationship with Tajiri. Torrie would later leave Tajiri because he wanted her to cover up what her momma gave her, forcing her to wear traditional Japanese robes.

Despite all this drama, Torrie did get her first shot at the Women's Championship in 2002. Molly Holly, who was the reigning champion at the time, had started a feud with Torrie, which led to the title match. Unfortunately, the stars did not align for Torrie, who lost the match and would not win a belt for the rest of her career.

6 Trish in a Red Dress

Trish spent the last few years of her career winning more championships. Overall, she won the Women's Championship a record seven times. Her sixth reign was actually one of the longest in the title's history at 448 days. Trish is also the diva with the most championships in WWE history, with eight in total. It's no wonder so many of the female wrestlers who came after her look up to the superstar.

When it came time to retire in 2006, the WWE gave Trish the royal exit. Her final appearance was in a match against Lita at the pay-per-view event Unforgiven in her hometown of Toronto. Trish won the match, which earned her the Women's Championship for the seventh and final time. She retired a champion.

5 Torrie in a Sassy Outfit

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One of Torrie's crazier storylines during her career was a feud with fellow diva Dawn Marie, who got a little too close to someone Torrie really loved: her father. That's right, the WWE decided to throw Torrie's real-life dad, Al Wilson, into the mix for a spectacularly disastrous storyline in which Dawn Marie started dating Al and eventually planned to marry him, all while taunting Torrie and making her life a living hell.

Dawn Marie and Al got married on an episode of SmackDown in early 2003, which led to the honeymoon to end all honeymoons. As part of the storyline, Al died of a heart attack during his getaway with his new wife after they had sex too many times. Torrie was rightfully pissed.

4 Trish in a One Piece

The WWE couldn't keep Trish out of the ring, though. She began making special guest appearances just a year later. She officially returned to the ring in 2008 for a tag team match in which she teamed up with John Cena against Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix. Trish and John won that match. She continued to wrestler on and off until 2011. Her biggest post-retirement appearance was in a three-man tag team match at WrestleMania XXVII. Trish teamed up with Snooki from Jersey Shore and John Morrison against Dolphy Ziggler, Michelle McCool, and Layla.

Trish finally left the ring for good in 2011. Just two years later, the WWE announced that it would induct Trish into the Hall of Fame Class of 2013. She was the youngest inductee at the time, although Beth Phoenix later broke that record in 2017 when she was inducted at the age of 36.

3 Torrie Keeping It Casual

Torrie was released from her WWE contract in 2008 and did not return to wrestling after that. Instead, she decided to retire. This was around the same time Torrie divorced Billy Kidman (real name Peter Gruner). She's not remarried since, although Torrie did date baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez from 2011 to 2015, one of her most high profile relationships since getting divorced.

In 2009, Torrie appeared in an NBC reality series called I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! But truth be told, Torrie hasn't been on screen much since leaving wrestling behind. Instead, she's become a fitness guru, running her own website and blogging about how to live a healthy life. Torrie really hasn't looked back much since and appears to be really happy with her post-wrestling life.

2 Trish Liking What She Sees

What has Trish been up to since her wrestling days? She hasn't strayed too far from where she started, actually. Trish has her own website where fans can find helpful tips for how to live a healthy life. She also opened up a yoga studio called Stratusphere in Toronto. And if that isn't enough, Trish has also been in a movie since her retirement. She played the character Gina in Gridlocked, an action movie starring Dominic Purcell.

Trish is also very active on social media, and updates her fans almost every day on the goins on in her life. Her usual updates include pictures of her kids. She has a son, Maximus Stratus Fisico, and a daughter, Madison Patricia Fisico, with her husband, Ron Fisico.

1 Torrie Basking In The Sunlight

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Alright, it's time to decide: Trish Stratus vs. Torrie Wilson. Who has gotten hotter with age? On the one hand, Trish has clearly not let retirement get the better of her. She looks every bit like a champion as she did when she was wrestling in the ring. Trish has had two kids since retiring, but that's not slowed her body down and she's worked hard to stay in incredible fighting shape.

On the other hand, Torrie continues to look amazing, and you almost couldn't tell the difference from her wrestling days at all. Just look at the picture above! It takes you back to her lingerie match days so many years ago. If we're deciding based on the pictures above, we have to go with Torrie, who has not missed a beat since retiring. Torrie is hotter than Trish these days.

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