Who Helped Convince CM Punk to Join UFC?

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It has been two years since CM Punk left WWE yet the "Straight Edge Superstar" remains a hot topic among the wrestling community. Punk promised "change" but quickly realized that he alone could not alter the system.

When news of CM Punk joining the UFC broke, the internet had a conniption fit. Punk had made the decision to step away from the world of theatrical violence and into the very real world of cage fighting.

CM Punk was a well-known fan of UFC prior to his joining the promotion but what exactly prompted Punk's decision to try his hand at this craft? When looking for advice, Punk would turn to another former WWE Superstar in Batista:

“I talked to Dave Bautista [an ex-WWE wrestler who has one pro MMA fight] and he’s a great guy to talk to about this kind of stuff because he did the same thing. He said, ‘You’ve got to do it. You’ve got to chase your dream. You’re going to wake up one day and realize that you were presented an opportunity and you could have done it, but didn’t.’ So it’s a big reason.” (Interview Excerpt from Yahoo Sports)

While fans patiently await CM Punk's UFC debut, one can only speculate as to how well Punk will handle himself in the cage? After all, this is not a world where the "going to sleep" of your opponent is predetermined.

CM Punk has received a great deal of heat from both wrestling and fighting fans alike with the general consensus being that Punk is setting himself up to take a fall; a situation of which Punk is fully aware.

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