Who Is Daniel Bryan Facing At WrestleMania 31?

via memegene.net

It's very clear that the WWE hasn't made plans for Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania a priority. They have badly misused the best wrestler on their roster and the most over with the fans.

With several high profile matches set, including Brock Lesnar versus Roman Reigns, Triple H versus Sting and Bray Wyatt against a returning Undertaker, that doesn't leave much left for Bryan. It's such a ridiculous waste of Bryan's talent and popularity. Can you imagine if they pushed top guys like Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold or The Rock this far down the card back in their heyday?

It seems the options for Bryan are running out for WrestleMania, so it almost wouldn't be a surprise if Vince did in fact book Bryan against The Bunny. And knowing Bryan, he probably still would make it the best match of the night. (Sigh) when will WWE just accept that Bryan is the best in the business and treat him as such?

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