Who Is Scheduled To Leave Clash Of Champions With Gold?

Roman Reigns and Rusev have had an unsolvable problem ever since they were both drafted to Monday Night Raw back in July.

The duo tried to solve their differences at SummerSlam but the match was never officially started and instead turned out to just be a brawl. Since then Rusev has taken some time off to go on his honeymoon and Reigns has attempted to climb back into the World Title picture, but this recent news suggests that the former Shield member will be staying on the mid-card for a while longer.

Finally, the two collide with the United States Championship on the line this Sunday night after Rusev cost Roman his chance to fight for the Universal Championship at the same event and the current speculation suggests that Roman is set to walk out the victor and go on a lengthy run with the Championship.

WWE are looking to continue the build the prestige that John Cena began when he held the belt last year and they feel Roman is the perfect candidate. With the winner of the Best of Seven Series between Sheamus and Cesaro likely to face the United States Champion, this could be a fantastic way to allow Cesaro to step into a main event worthy rivalry.

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Who Is Scheduled To Leave Clash Of Champions With Gold?