Who Is The New Member of The Wyatt Family? Where's This Feud Going Next?

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So, who is Braun Strowman exactly? Let's go over some basic facts to bring you up to date with him:

- Well, firstly, he debuted in NXT as Braun Stroman, though he's been renamed as Strowman for his entry into The Wyatt Family.

- His real name is Adam Scherr.

- He's won a variety of strongman competitions.

- He's never wrestled in any indy promotions and signed directly with the WWE after finishing his strongman career.

Enough of simple facts you can find on your own, but what can we expect from this feud now? Strowman doesn't have a huge amount of wrestling experience, so we can expect him to just be The Wyatt Family's muscle for the time being. Also, we can definitely expect Ambrose and Reigns to recruit someone else to even things up a bit and it's likely this feud will last until Survivor Series,  where they can have a 3-on-3 match that would be similar to an original Survivor Series match. Who are potential fits for Reigns and Ambrose? Their former Shield buddy is busy carrying all the gold, but it's possible a directionless character like Adam Rose, Wade Barrett (heel turn?) or Mark Henry makes the switch, though none of those wrestlers have gimmicks that fit Ambrose's and Reigns' style.

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