Who Was Responsible for Breaking-Up Team PCB?

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In recent weeks, WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte has been embroiled in a hot feud with her former best friend, Becky Lynch; effectively ending the comradery which remained from Team PCB.

The team itself was disbanded a while ago when Paige decided to turn her back on Charlotte following her victory over Nikki Bella; a victory which would make Charlotte the new face of the Divas division.

The idea of Paige turning heel and leaving behind her teammates was the brainchild of Paige herself who had the following to say in a recent interview with IGN.com when asked about the demise of Team PCB:

“I loved it. I love all the girls that came up and they all deserved it and are amazing athletes. It was fun. Our team had to break up at some point and you needed someone a little bit edgier to shake things up. I definitely pitched to shake things up and break up the group a little bit. [Laughs] My character is one that doesn't really play well with others anyway and we're inside the WWE ring, so what better way to do it then have me screw them over again? It was definitely fun and now I et to work with them on opposite corners.""The Divas Revolution" has become stagnant as of late. Team Bella appear to have no heart without Nikki, Team BAD were never getting over anyway, despite the love for Sasha Banks, and Team PCB is extinct.

Hopefully moving forward, something will give and the Divas will regain their footing as - thanks in large part to the girls down in NXT - fans want women's wrestling to succeed now more than ever.

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