Who Was The Random Fan In The Ring At Night Of Champions?

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If you took a drink, turned your head, or even blinked your eyes long enough during Night of Champions this past Sunday, you most likely missed an awkward moment. Prior to the match between The Wyatt Family, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Chris Jericho, a fan made his way to the ring. It seemed so casual, as he was dawning a vest as if he represented Ambrose and Reigns' former faction, The Shield. Even Bray Wyatt can be heard saying, "Is that your third member?". Of course, this was prior to the unveiling of Chris Jericho. However, many thought throughout Monday that this was a plant by the WWE.

When the man was in the ring, the camera positioning was perfect. I personally did not realize what was going on until security tackled the guy. The moment ended up perfect for the man to get attention. The guy looks eerily similar to a referee in NXT named Drake Wuertz. This is what made the internet believe it was a plant, until Wuertz confirmed on his Twitter account that it was not him. So at this point, it clearly was not a plant by the WWE.

This has become an ongoing issue, as of late. This marks the fourth time that fans have somehow interfered with former Shield members. Two occasions occurred at House Shows. The first being the fake Money in the Bank case nailing Roman Reigns in the back of the head. The case was heaved in from the crowd. The second ended up looking like an attempted stabbing on Dean Ambrose. The last time involved Seth Rollins walking to the ring, as a fan hopped the barricade and walked with him for a short time. The only ties these events have is that the wrestlers involved were all former Shield members. If something bad happens on live television, Vince McMahon will severely regret it.

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