Who's Hotter? 15 Current vs. Past WWE Divas

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love women's wrestling. So many of them work very hard to get better in the ring each and every week and when done correctly (think Sasha Banks vs. Bayley or Trish vs. Lita), it can be just as entertaining as anything the men do out there. With the crop of females that are currently in the company, WWE and NXT really have a chance to do something with this Divas Revolution, if they would only give it a real chance. It's getting better as they're breaking away from the group dynamic a little bit, but with the talent they have, it could be so much more and I truly do hope the division continues to grow.

With that being said, I'm still a guy. As much as I love wrestling, I still love a hot chick. I'm sorry if that sounds sexist (it's not), but I'm still a red-blooded man that occasionally has the "who's hotter" conversation over a pint or two. Ladies, don't pretend you've never had one of those conversations. So what I'm going to do today is this. I've put 15 names of former WWE Divas in one hat and 15 names of current WWE/NXT Divas in another. I've drawn one name from each hat and we'll have a little "who's hotter" conversation right here at TheSportster. We all like to compare eras in wrestling, so this is just another way to do that. I realize that some of these matchups look like they were planned, but I can promise you that the drawing was completely random. Unfortunately, some Divas didn't even make it to this list, but what you have to remember is that there are more former Divas than current ones, so you'll just have to use your imagination on matchups for Maryse or Michelle McCool or any of the others that you might be looking for. Let's get to it.

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15 Emma vs. Ivory

via fanpop.com / prowrestling.wikia.com

First up, we've got two women that really couldn't look more different. On one side, there's little cute and blonde Emma and on the other side, there's the muscular and brunette Ivory. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Emma isn't in good shape because she is, but Ivory in her prime was an absolute specimen. She had strong legs, crazy abs, and an amazing upper body as well, but maybe I'm just a sucker for that girl next door look, so I'm going to give the slight edge to Emma in this one, but the decision was extremely difficult here.

Winner: Emma

14 Brie Bella vs. Victoria

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This is the first of two Bella matches you'll see on this list, and we start with Brie, aka Daniel Bryan's wife, aka the Bella twin without the upstairs enhancement. Representing the former Divas is Victoria; call her Tara if you actually watched her in TNA. Call her whatever you like, but Lisa Marie Varon is hot. Some may be put off by those broad shoulders, but I'm not one of those people. She was always one of the best wrestlers in the women's division and she looked amazing doing it. Outside of when she yells "BRIE MODE!!!", Bella is hot, but in my eyes, she loses this one. Victoria takes this one easily.

Winner: Victoria

13 Alicia Fox vs. Melina

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This is another one that's really, really close to call. Melina has got the whole Latina thing going on and I think we all remember how flexible that woman was, but Alicia Fox should not be overlooked by anybody, as a wrestler or a hottie. She has an amazing body, a beautiful face, and a set of eyes that just get you every time. However, I could say a lot of the same things about Melina, and she sure wasn't shy about letting it all hang out (sometimes literally), and that splits entrance into the ring never got old. And it might just be that entrance that gives her the win in my book.

Winner: Melina

12 Dana Brooke vs Torrie Wilson

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You know, if there's anybody on the "current" list that could give Torrie Wilson a run for her money, it's Dana Brooke. Seriously, have you seen this woman? She's a former fitness model that can flash those muscles when she needs to show them off, but doesn't even have to do that to be sexy as hell. She has got it all, but so does Torrie Wilson, and we've actually seen ALL of Torrie Wilson in the Playboy spreads. Both have it up top, down low, and everywhere in between, so I'm actually going to cop out on this one and call this a draw.

Winner: Draw

11 Naomi vs. Jacqueline

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Naomi is an attractive individual. She's got a beautiful smile, a nice body, and we know that the girl can dance. On the other side, we've got Jacqueline. Now, I'm not sure of her dancing ability, but she's got those qualities that Naomi has, but she's got a little more muscle to her. It wasn't Chyna-type muscle, but it was enough to notice, and it certainly never took away from how hot she was. She's the better wrestler of these two as well, so this one's a fairly easy call. Jacqueline takes it.

Winner: Jacqueline

10 Paige vs. Candice Michelle

via fanpop.com / giantbomb.com

These two might have the same hair color, but the images are completely different. Candice Michelle oozed sexuality and certainly was never shy about showing it off. Those outfits she wore to the ring, even when she was in a match, didn't leave much to the imagination. I suppose her Playboy shoot really took out the guesswork. Paige, on the other hand, doesn't have the complete goth look, but she's got the dark clothes and the dark makeup and the look works for her. Now, some might call this an upset, but ever since her debut, there's been something about Paige that just does it for me, and at present, she's the hottest woman in wrestling right now as far as I'm concerned. She takes this matchup over Candice Michelle.

Winner: Paige

9 Cameron vs. Kaitlyn

via alwaysalist.com / pinterest.com

This is another one that's really close. There's Cameron, who I think is the hotter of the two former Funkadactyls (sorry Naomi), matching up against Kaitlyn, who was pretty hot in her own right. Like Naomi, we know Cameron can move, and she has a killer body and a very pretty face, but I had a little crush on Kaitlyn from the start. She had a lot of strength and made that look hot. Sorry Cameron, I've gotta go with Kaitlyn here.

Winner: Kaitlyn

8 Natalya vs Beth Phoenix

via wwe.com

I know this one seems like one that I would do on purpose, but I still promise you that these were all done randomly. These two have a very similar look. Yes, Beth Phoenix is a bit more cut (not by much) and was one of the best workers in the business at one point, but then again, Nattie is no pushover in the ring and I wish she was onscreen a lot more than she is now and not just for her wrestling ability. Nattie is freaking hot and I don't care who disagrees with me. Beth Phoenix is a very pretty woman, but Natalya edges her out.

Winner: Natalya

7 Eva Marie vs. Maria

via wwe.com / pulsarmedia.com

If I'm being honest here, it didn't matter who Maria was up against. Obviously a personal opinion, but I've always looked at her as the hottest woman in wrestling history, outside of maybe that crush that we all had on Miss Elizabeth when we were kids. She just had that sultry look that got me all riled up each and every time she'd come out to the ring.

So unfortunately for Eva Marie, who is hot despite all the other negative things that get said about her, she never stood a chance against Maria. Everyone has a favorite that can't be touched. She's mine.

Winner: Maria

6 Charlotte vs. Sable

via pinterest.com / giantbomb.com

Listen, I like Charlotte. She's got an insanely athletic body. She's easily one of the best female wrestlers in WWE right now, but I don't think I'm the only one that just sees a little too much of her dad when I look at her. It's not her fault, but it's there, and I don't know how much of a chance she would have had against somebody like Sable anyway. Sunny may be looked at as the woman who was the first "diva" type in WWE, but Sable is the one that took it into the stratosphere. And do you really think I'd take the chance that Brock Lesnar sees this and hunts me down for not picking his wife? Sable wins.

Winner: Sable

5 Nikki Bella vs. Ashley

via wikimedia.org / prowrestling.wiki.com

There's a LOT going on up top in this one, and neither woman is shy about letting them hang out. Nikki and her sister, like it or not, have been the face of the women's division for a long time. Ashley was only around for about three years after winning the Diva Search contest in 2005, but I've gotta give the Bellas their second loss on this list. I don't know what it was (outside of the obvious) about Ashley, but that thug look with the low-cut tops and the backwards hat and all of it was just too hot, and that 2007 Playboy shoot was amazing. This actually wasn't even close for me.

Winner: Ashley

4 Alexa Bliss vs. Kelly Kelly

via tumblr.com / sqrmagbacklot.com

Side by side, you could make an argument that these two were sisters. They've both got that blonde bombshell thing going on. They've both got unbelievable bodies. Both have the pretty face. Both have beautiful smiles, and they're both just.....well, sexy as all hell. Much like the problem I had in picking a winner in the Torrie Wilson-Dana Brooke matchup, I don't think I can pick a clear winner here. I think they're just too similar and let's get real, nobody loses when you're looking at these two.

Winner: Draw

3 Summer Rae vs Stacy Keibler

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Remember the top-heavy battle at number five? Well, this one is more in the legs, and as nice a set as Summer Rae has, there will never be a set like Stacy Keibler's. At 41.5 inches long, she made every single wrestling fan stop and stare whenever she walked to and got into the ring. You simply could not take your eyes off of her. There's no question that Summer Rae is hot. When she debuted with Fandango, everyone was asking who she was and she's done a nice job of moving on from that, but unfortunately for her in this contest, she came up against one of the hottest women in wrestling history.

Winner: Stacy Keibler

2 Becky Lynch vs. Lita

via wwe.com / lehighvalleylive.com

This is just another unfortunate luck of the draw in my eyes. I think Becky Lynch is sexy as can be and would beat a lot of the other women on this list as a whole, but she has to match up against Lita, who defined being sexy and cool during her tenure in WWE. And that thong...oh, that thong. The great thing about this one is that both women can really wrestle as well. If they'd give Becky a few more solo matches on the main roster, I really think people would realize that a little more. I think Lita's track record in the ring speaks for itself. We'd never seen a woman mix it up quite like she did and she looked damn good doing it. Lita gets the win here, but it's a lot closer than you might think.

Winner: Lita

1 Lana vs. Trish Stratus

via wwe.com / tumblr.com

"We want Lana! We want Lana!" That's the chant you hear in arenas all over the country, even if she's been out with an injury and may have a little heat on her at the moment. I get it. She's hot. There's no getting around that. She's got a very pretty face and a killer set of legs, and was once thought to be the future focus of the company when it came to women. However, the focus was once on another blonde (well, she was then) and her name is Trish Stratus, who many would argue is the hottest WWE Diva in history, and it's an easy argument to make. Sorry Lana, but the argument on who's hotter here was easy to make as well.

There you have it. I've laid out some matchups for you and given you my thoughts, but everyone has their own preference. Let me know what you agree with and what you don't. Enjoy.

Winner: Trish Stratus

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