Who Wins? Ranking Every Woman On The WWE Roster By Looks

The WWE is the highest level of professional wrestling one can reach and it takes some years and years of hard work in order to get their sot there. Though initially used more for eye candy, women in the WWE have moved past the Diva role and are now treated more and more like actual wrestlers. The focus is leaning away from looks and more towards skill and ability. While those two things are being emphasized, it’s not like we don’t have some great looking ladies in today’s WWE. In fact, we probably have some of the best looking female talent we’ve had in a while on the current roster.

Though the majority of women on the roster are wrestlers we do have some exceptions. In this list we’ll take a look at all the women that make the WWE tick from the performers themselves to the announcers and broadcasters. Everyone has their favourites and everyone also has their least favourite. This is usually based on a number of things pertaining to certain wrestlers but right now we’re going to look at these talented ladies and sort them out based on just how attractive they are. Here’s every woman on the WWE roster ranked by their looks.

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24 Tamina

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Tamina is someone who’s worked especially hard in her journey to the WWE, and is changing how people view women wrestlers for the better. She started her wrestling career pretty late, but seemed like a good fit if not for her ability then for her lineage. Tamina’s connection to the Anoa’i family giver her quite the bit of name recognition but she’s also caught people’s attention due to her work ethic and skill. She’s probably not the first one you’d think of when you were asked to come up with some of the most beautiful ladies in the WWE, but she definitely has her charms. That’s why she takes up the number 23 spot on our list.


22 Dana Brooke

Having spent three years in NXT, Dana Brooke finally made her WWE debut last year and has been making the best of it ever since. Another one of the stronger looking women on the roster, Dana initially started out as a fitness model before making the transition to the WWE. You see this more often than you’d think, and Dana is just another of the many former fitness models now trying her hand at pro wrestling. While we’ll have to see how she fares in the long run, Dana looks likes she’s enjoying herself and makes for a pretty interesting performer every so often. While her look differs a little from what we’re typically used to in the WWE, she still has her fans and followers – which really bodes well for a relatively new talent like her.

21 Natalya

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Well so far on this list we haven’t been short on wrestling dynasties making their way on here early on. While a couple of the women we’ve taken a look at so far have belonged to the famous Anoa’i family, Natalya’s family hails from the great white north, a little higher up on the world map. The Hart family is one that’s left their mark on the wrestling landscape and one that has their legacy continued by Natalya here. Natalya’s actually been in the wrestling business for a pretty long time. She spent seven years on the independent circuit and has done well in continuing her family legacy. A nearly 20 year long career might mean that her days in the industry are numbered but she doesn’t seem to be focusing on that too much.

20 Naomi


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The current SmackDown Women’s Champ, Naomi has had a pretty impressive wrestling career. As talented as she is beautiful, Naomi is a veteran who’s proved herself time and time again over the years, with her current SmackDown title being her second. She doesn’t only have the skills but the looks that fans look for in their WWE starlets. She got her first big shot in the WWE as a member of the Funcadactyls and has just shot up from there, absolutely rolling with her opportunities. Her Funcadactyls gig lasted a good few years before Naomi was off to bigger and better things. She’s really shone as a wrestler in recent years and that should still be the case years down the road.

19 Stephanie McMahon

The Billionaire Princess looks like she’s all ready to ascend to the throne of queen, Stephanie McMahon has been a mainstay on WWE television for years and she’s come a pretty long way. Wrestling fans have pretty much seen her grow and mature over the years as a wrestler and a performer. Though she’s no longer really involved in any in ring action, Stephanie is still a huge presence in today’s WWE. She’s probably the most recognizable and well known woman in the WWE and stands to inherit it all in due time. What’s more is that even after all these years, Stephanie looks fantastic. She’s obviously getting up there in age but it really doesn’t show all that much.

18 Renee Young

Here we take some time to shift our attention from the inside of the ring to the commentary booth. Renee Young might not have the same kind of wrestling skills that some of the other women on this list do, but she certainly doesn’t lack and charm and charisma. Prior to moving over to the WWE, Renee was working for Canadian sports television network The Score. Since coming to the WWE she’s had quite the successful career, and has managed to capture audiences with her stunning beauty. Renee is yet another Canadian beauty to grace the WWE scene, and if all goes well she’ll be with the company for a good while.

17 Mickie James

Not many wrestlers have the same kind of career that Mickie James has had to this point. Initially debuting in 1999, she’s been in the wrestling industry for nearly 20 years now. A seven year stint in the WWE led to her returning to the independent circuit before going back to TNA and then eventually finding her way back to the WWE last year. Mickie was always a pretty popular talent during her days in the WWE. Back when she was still a Diva, she was involved in some pretty memorable storylines and really made a name for herself with her charismatic performances. While she might be overshadowed a little by the new talent on the roster older fans will appreciate her being there.

16 Nia Jax

Another member of the famed Anoa’i family, Nia Jax got into wrestling later than most in her position. She only started out in the WWE when she was 30 after signing on with NXT and staying there for a couple of years. She made her WWE debut last year and has proved that she cans win with the big fish. Though she still has some work to do Nia is a pretty competent wrestler and definitely stands as one of the strongest women on the roster. Like Tamina she isn’t really a traditional WWE beauty. Though the WWE has always had some tougher looking women on the roster it seems as though they’ve been encouraging all kinds of women to make a name for themselves over the years, regardless of how they look – rather focusing on their skills in the ring.

15 Carmella

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Speaking of new blood, Carmella seems like the perfect segue to make from that last entry don’t you think? Getting her start in NXT four years ago, Carmella has spent the majority of her time with the company developing her skills. She debuted last year and seems to be doing alright for herself and is really starting to come into her own. Carmella has a pretty unique look as far as women on the roster go. She really gives you that sporty type of vibe and is pretty good at pulling off her character. She’s nearing 30 but really doesn’t look it and actually gives off a much younger vibe, either due to how she acts or just due to how good she looks naturally.

14 Emma

Emma is a pretty low key wrestler on the women’s roster and kind of has been since she debuted for the WWE back in 2011. Though her wrestling career began in 2007, Emma made it to the big leagues a good four years later. It did however, take her another three years to make it onto the main roster, but you have to admire her perseverance. Emma is in kind of a weird place it seems. She’s not exactly the most prominent woman on the roster and really has yet to make a lasting impression on the fan base. Though she is kind of an old school beauty by WWE standards, that’s just not going to cut it anymore and she’ll need to step up her game if she wants to last in the WWE.

13 Alicia Fox

Let’s now shift our attention to Alicia Fox. Like many of the women on this list, Alicia has been with the WWE for a good while and her stay with the company has made up the majority of her wrestling career. Curently standing as the longest tenured female performer on the roster, she got her start in 2006 and debuted a couple of years later. It was a bumpy start but things quickly got better for Alicia and she now has the honor of being the first and only first and only African-American Divas Champion in WWE history. While we all know how great she is in the ring, fans are also drawn to Alicia for her fantastic looks and charm. She’s proved that she can swing the crowd her way and so long as she can do that, she’s guaranteed a job.

12 Maria Kanellis

Another former Diva who’s returned to the WWE after some years away is Maria Kanellis, who’s returned to the WWE as a manager for her Husband Mike. Maria was initially brought in to the WWE through the now defunct Diva search and was pretty popular with fans for a time. She had all the makings of a great Diva; charm, charisma, personality and a ton of sex appeal. It’s great to see that all these years later she hasn’t really lost a step. Maria is one of the older women on the roster but that really doesn’t mean all that much as she pretty much seems like she hasn’t aged at all in the years since she left the WWE .

11 JoJo

Well we move on from one of the older women on the roster to one of the younger talents the WWE has signed up. JoJo Offerman is definitely a beauty and can capture the eye of any fan once the lights hit her. At only 23, she has a promising future in the WWE and looks like she could be in it for the long run. JoJo was initially supposed to be more of a hands on talent but quickly made the switch to ring announcer and has thrived in that role. She might not be cut out for wrestling but definitely has the looks and charm to be a pretty successful announcer.

10 Bayley

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If you think back on it, no one was quite as hotly anticipated as Bayley was while she was in NXT. People loved her and she quickly gained a following there, making fans eagerly and anxiously wait in anticipation of her eventual promotion to the WWE. While it seemed like it’d never happen, Bayley made her debut in 2016 and has kind of been a disappointment thus far. As is with anything that carries a lot of hype, expectations were very high – and it seems as though she’s kind of letting all that momentum slip away. It’s a puzzling turn of events but we hope that she can turn it around.

9 Summer Rae


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Summer Rae has never really made that much of an impact in the WWE and many fans just can’t quite seem to grasp why she’s been able to sustain her job for so long. She’s definitely a looker, and that probably plays into why she’s still on the roster but at this point it’s hard to imagine she’ll make any big contributions before fading away. Summer hasn’t made any appearances since last year’s draft due to injuries and it might very well be that she’s already on her way out and that the WWE is just waiting for her contract to expire. Whatever happens she’s still currently on the roster and though she isn’t really contributing much, she’s still one of the better looking women they have.

8 Becky Lynch

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Becky Lynch might just be the most experienced wrestler on this list, and given the culmination of talent we have here that’s certainly saying something. Having started out in 2002, Becky certainly got an early start at her wrestling career and it shows in the way she performs. She’s been at it since she was 15 and obviously has a passion for the sport. It’s that same passion that makes her so popular with the fans. Her fiery red hair and innocuous personality make her a fan favourite, not to mention her incredible skill in the ring. You can only expect her to be more and more successful as she goes on.

7 Paige


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From one wrestler with a bright future to one with a rather murky one, we’ll take a look at Paige for this next entry on our list. At one point in her career Paige looked like she was bound to be the next big thing in women’s wrestling. She was the “anti-diva” and really turned heads with her gimmick and ability in the ring. But things have just not looked great for her recently from her relationship with Alberto Del Rio to her injury, subsequent surgery and rumors circulating that she might be released before she even sees the ring again. It’d be a shame if that were the case and she can hopefully get things back on track before that happens.

6 Sasha Banks

Another young, energetic wrestler who’s been aspiring to this for a good deal of time is Sasha Banks. Most notable outside of her wrestling career for being related to famous rapper Snoop Dogg, Sasha is one of the bright starts the WWE has in its women’s division and looks like she’ll be there for a long long time. An integral part of the women’s revolution, Sasha is already a well known name in the industry and will most probably continue to thrive under current management. She’s shown that she can get the crowd going and isn’t to be taken lightly as a wrestler. What’s more, she’s one of the best looking ladies on the roster.

5 Maryse

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Another sultry Canadian, this time one fans probably know a little better. Maryse was always about the sex appeal, and though the current WWE landscape is shifting away from that kind of thing, she’s still a great performer and has really earned her chops that way. Maryse actually took some time away from wrestling to work as a realtor, but it seems that her true calling was always going to be with the WWE. Ask any wrestling fan you know and they’ll tell you that she’s hands down one of the best looking women on the roster – that along with her ability to get the crowd going really make her a great talent in the WWE.

4 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte might’ve been a little late to the party in terms of wrestling but has shown us all that her families wrestling genes run strong in her and has proven to be one of the better and more talented women on the WWE roster. Debuting in 2013, it took a while for Charlotte to find her footing but she quickly made a name for herself with her skill and great charisma and character. Charlotte has all the traits needed to succeed in the WWE today. She’s a hard worker, great in the ring, good on the mic and has great looks that can turn heads. She’s one of the more underrated women on the roster in this regard but that doesn’t mean that fans don’t see just how beautiful she really is.

3 Lana

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Lana first started her WWE career off as a manager funny enough. Once at the side of her real life husband Russev, Lana made the switch to the ring last year and it looks to be going all right for her so far. She still has some growing to do sure, but she really flashes some potential and could be a great talent in the industry for years and years. At first, she just seemed like a pretty face that was good at working the mic but now it’s pretty clear that she’s a real versatile talent and an incredibly stunning performer. She’s one of the more intriguing talents on the roster and certainly stands as one of the easiest to look at.

2 Nikki Bella

Initially attached to the hip with her twin sister Brie, Nikki has really made a name for herself in recent years. The future Mrs. John Cena is looking better and better with each passing day and is really making a case for that number one spot, but will have to settle for a respectable second place finish. Nikki is one of the more famous wrestlers in the industry right now and could ride that fame for a good while longer. Many tend to take her “assets” into account when listing off some of the better looking women in the industry, and we have to say it doesn’t hurt her one bit. With her sister on her way back to the WWE, Nikki might have to share the spotlight once again, so look forward to her being solo while you can.

1 Alexa Bliss

She’s cute, she’s spunky and she has a ton of energy. Alexa Bliss stands as a personal favourite for many wrestling fans right now and at only 26 years old could very well go on to be one of the biggest names in the industry if she plays her cards right. A little more on the cute side, Alexa seems to have found her niche and is sticking with it. Her fans are pretty dedicated and while she still needs some work with her wrestling skills, she has the potential to really go all the way. With looks like hers and with the entertainment factor she brings to the table you can expect Alexa to be with the WWE for a good while longer.

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