Why All 6 Superstars Would Make A Strong SmackDown Women's Champion

The Women's Revolution continues to roll along in WWE on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live. And we're here to encourage the movement. Make no mistake, we will always rag on the male Superstars, however, the female talent needs our support.

While the best option would have been keeping all non-valet female performers together on one brand to focus on a singular championship, we have decided to give this blue-trimmed championship a chance.

On September 11, 2016 at Backlash - the very-first SmackDown Live Pay-Per-View - the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Championship will be decided in a Six-Pack Challenge match.

In this piece we will take a look at the six women involved in this bout and explain why each individual woman would make a greta champion.

6. Naomi

Unless WWE is planning on throwing a hard curveball, do not expect Naomi to walk out of this match as the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. Which is a shame. WWE could do something big with Naomi.

There has never been a championship in WWE where its inaugural holder was African-American. Placing this title on Naomi would not only prove to be a progressive move but would insinuate that when pertaining to champions, WWE comes colourblind.

Aside from this, Naomi can hold her own in the ring. Yes, Naomi's finishing move is less-than-flattering but that does not diminish from the rest of her in-ring arsenal and athlete abilities in the squared-circle.

5. Natalya

Natalya comes into this match as the seasoned veteran. As a member of the legendary Hart Family, Natalya was expected to perform at a high-level in WWE. While Natalya has "failed" to live up to these expectations, she cannot carry all of the blame on her back.

For the most part, Natalya has been positioned in a poor light with WWE. Relegated to a reality television star for quite some time before finally making her way back into the Women's picture, Natalya now has a chance to make history.

However, in all likelihood, "The Queen of Harts" will not walk out as the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. While Natalya could certainly carry the load, her immediate future appears to be that of an enhancement talent.

4. Alexa Bliss

While a member of the NXT roster, Alexa Bliss was never awarded the NXT Women's Championship; although she did challenge for the title. Regardless, Bliss have proven to be a huge force coming in a small package.

Alex Bliss may look like Cinderella but she fights like Ronda Rousey. As one of the young up-and-coming talents, Bliss has a bright future in the Women's Division and should be considered the dark-horse candidate in this match.

Placing the newly introduced WWE SmackDown Women's Championship around the waist of Alexa Bliss would provide hope to all those struggling women down in developmental who experience bumps and bruises each day in hopes of an opportunity.

3. Carmella

Doesn't Carmella seem too sweet to have a vicious side? "The Princess of Staten Island" has recently showed the darker side of her character while asserting that she can in fact become the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion.

Much like the aforementioned Alex Bliss, Carmella is a recent NXT call-up who was drafted to SmackDown live during the WWE Draft. While usually a bubbly and lovable character, Carmella has made her intentions clear.

Placing the belt on Carmella would prove a bold move but one that could work out down the road. Heading into this bout, Carmella is certainly not the favourite but would provide that unexpected twist element which fans love.

2. Becky Lynch

When Becky Lynch debuted on Monday Night Raw with Charlotte and Sasha Banks, the trio would help change the WWE perception of Women's wrestling; essentially classifying Lynch as a modern day wrestling pioneer.

However, Charlotte and Sasha Banks would both move on to greater things and Women's Championship reigns while Becky Lynch was seemingly lost in the mix; always on the fringe of greatness but never quite there.

Not only would Becky Lynch provide an international flare to the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship but the people would stand firmly behind "The Lass Kicker." Finn Balor may have gone down but this Irish Superstar is tougher than overcooked corn beef.

1. Nikki Bella

If Vegas had a line on this match, the odd-on favourite would have to be Nikki Bella who recently returned to action at SummerSlam and looked as though she hasn't missed a beat. Now, as a member of SmackDown Live, Bella is ready take over the Women's Division.

Nikki Bella once served as the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion (301 days) and would make for an ideal WWE SmackDown Women's Champion. Like Nikki or not, this Bella twin demands attention; which is exactly what this title will need.

Somewhere down the line, anyone on this list can and will take the title away from Nikki Bella once the SmackDown Women's Championship means something within the WWE Universe. This title cannot be taken lightly.

Conclusion: Anyone of these women can walk out of Backlash as the inaugural WWE SmackDown Women's Champion as all six present a different outlook on the title. However, place your bets on Nikki Bella.



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Why All 6 Superstars Would Make A Strong SmackDown Women's Champion