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Before Roman Reigns, all of the hatred from the internet wrestling community went towards John Cena. Cena was designated as the franchise representative of the company a decade ago and now it appears that the brass at WWE are trying to make the transition from Cena to Reigns as

Cena gets closer to 40 years old.

The reason that people aren’t happy with that is the fact that there doesn’t really need to be a franchise guy in the WWE. After seeing Cena dominate and bury people for the past decade, fans would rather see some parity when it comes to who is on top of the kayfabe tier list. People thought they might be getting a break with Cena seemingly winding down compared to previous years, only to have Reigns pop up and become the new Cena. People don’t want another Cena right now, especially since the current Cena hasn’t even left yet.

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