Why Were Bray Wyatt And Bo Dallas Missing From Raw?

The unexplained absence of Bo Dallas on Raw this past week, plus the current status of Bray Wyatt in WWE has raised a few eyebrows.

The opening segment of Raw this week, as promised for almost an entire seven days featured the latest edition of Miz TV. The Miz was accompanied to the ring by Curtis Axel and eventually joined by Sheamus and Cesaro as the Intercontinental Champion handed out Mizzy awards for his allies hands in taking down Roman Reigns two weeks in a row. In all the excitement of the reunion of The Shield that came at the end of the segment, fans may have forgotten that Bo Dallas was oddly absent.


Dallas isn't the only Superstar who has been AWOL from the Raw roster without any real explanation these past few days. Bray Wyatt was dropped from some live events over the weekend and nobody seems to know why. The Eater Of Worlds was on Raw, although it was only a pre-recorded segment to further the Sister Abigail angle so he may not have actually been in the building.

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If you're not already aware, the reason this is somewhat newsworthy is because Wyatt and Dallas are actually brothers, something that is yet to be utilized on WWE television. Also, according to the Wrestling Observer, the only thing we do know at this point is that Bray being off of the live events was not related to an injury. In terms of Dallas, Michael Cole did reference him briefly telling viewers that he was under the weather. Neither brother has been active on social media for over a week now too.

With Wyatt and Dallas being brothers, the most likely scenario is that there is some sort of family issue leading to them being off of live events and TV at the moment. Whatever it is, WWE will hope that the issue is resolved sooner rather than later as both men are involved in major matches at TLC which is now less than two weeks away.


If the problem keeping Dallas and Wyatt at home was something more extreme than some family issues, then it's likely Raw would not have gone the way that it did this past Monday. If the brothers were going to be away from the company for an extended period of time, then steps would have been put in place for there slots to be filled by others at TLC on Oct. 22, 2017.

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