Why Did Jerry Lawler Call ECW "Extremely Crappy Wrestling?"

Jerry "The King" Lawler has been in the wrestling business for over 4 decades and he has seen and done a lot in those years. Recently the WWE Hall Of Famer was interviewed at CraveOnline and here is an excerpt from that interview:

CraveOnline: You guys did so many crazy and innovative storylines back in Memphis, like the Austin Idol and Tommy Rich head-shaving match. In your opinion, what was the craziest angle you went through with or remember being pitched?

Lawler: "That was one of the reasons, why in the early 90s when ECW came along and sort of invaded the WWE, and I made the comment that ECW stood for Extremely Crappy Wrestling.

To me, it was like these guys just came along and watched all of our old Memphis tapes and went out and did what we did and then called it extreme. We were doing extreme wrestling matches in the Memphis territory before most of these guys were even born — things like the Terry Funk empty arena match or the concession stand battle in Tupelo, Mississippi.

I got ran over in the parking lot by Eddie Gilbert, but back in that day, you were under the pressure of having to put on a live event and not only a live television show every Saturday morning but had to follow it up with a live event every single Monday night in Memphis so there was a lot of pressure to try and come up with something bigger and better every single week."

Check out the full interview here.

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Why Did Jerry Lawler Call ECW "Extremely Crappy Wrestling?"