Why Did They End Charlotte's PPV Streak Before WrestleMania?

When Bayley initially won the Raw Women's Title, most people thought that Charlotte would beat her at Fastlane and then Bayley would take the title back and end Charlotte's PPV winning streak at WrestleMania 33. Not only did most people think this was how it would go, but so did the WWE.

So, why did the powers-that-be change their minds and have Bayley retain her title by defeating Charlotte at WWE Fastlane? Well, the answer is very disappointing.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE made the change because they ran out of ideas and couldn't figure out any other way to keep the story going till WrestleMania!

"The reason the original women’s storyline for this year, which was to culminate in Bayley beating Charlotte to win the four-way at Mania and take the title was changed to having Bayley win a TV match earlier was the feeling that they needed more ups and downs in the story to get from January to Mania so they did the title change earlier."

You would think they could have planned it out better in advance to get through the 3 months from January to WrestleMania without having to change their plans.

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