Why WWE Is Charging An Arm & A Leg For The Fiend's Universal Title

Replicas of The Fiend's limited edition Universal Title are for sale on WWE Shop, and it'll cost fans $6500 if they want one. Here's why they are so expensive.

WWE has been doing some pretty cool stuff with Bray Wyatt since giving him his new alter ego, The Fiend. Truth be told, the company has barely put a foot wrong with the whole thing. You know, if we just ignore that one night the two of them stepped inside of Hell in a Cell and almost ruined everything.

This past Friday on SmackDown, WWE added a new element to the increasingly layered Wyatt character. It came in the form of an alternate Universal Title. While Firefly Funhouse Wyatt has the regular blue title, The Fiend now has a pretty horrific-looking one sporting his own face. For it to look horrific is the intention, of course.

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Fans can already get their hands on replicas of the championship, but it'll cost them a pretty penny should they choose to purchase one. A lot of pretty pennies in fact as the title is currently priced at $6499.99 on WWE Shop. As you might imagine, there has been a fair bit of backlash from fans over that price point. However, there might be an explanation or two as to why they cost so much.

Number one, the title is very limited edition. We're assuming that the replicas which cost $6500 are identical to the one The Fiend now calls his own. The title was designed by the same people who created Wyatt's mask, who are also connected to the group and designers that create Slipknot's mask, so a very high-end product. Dave Meltzer has also floated another reason why WWE is charging so much for the titles.

Meltzer's train of thought is that this is an experiment by WWE, as covered by Ringside News. That if enough people are willing to pay $6500 for the title then maybe it'll be worth creating and selling more of these custom replica titles in the future. Yes, a lot of people are outraged by the price of the title, but even if a small handful purchase them, the experiment will have been worth it.

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