Why Is Chris Jericho Ripping Shinsuke Nakamura On Twitter?

Look, Chris Jericho is the actually the best in the world at what he does and by that we mean playing a heel in the WWE. When it comes to heel tactics, he's only really rivaled by Kevin Owens. Ever since he turned on AJ Styles, Jericho has been living the heel role by ripping fan's signs, bashing them on social media and attacking other wrestlers through social media as well. He recently took shots at Shinsuke Nakamura, which you can see above and it's obviously leading up to something. Well, according to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is having another WWE Network special in Japan and they're planning on having Jericho face off against The King of Strong Style. So, it seems like Y2J is planting the seeds for that feud. Interested in seeing that match? We certainly are!

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