Why Is There Tension Backstage Between Dana Brooke And The Other RAW Women?

When Dana Brooke was first brought up to the WWE, it was under Emma's wing. Then when Emma got hurt, Dana got put with Charlotte which gave her a lot of exposure, but didn't give her a lot of opportunity to earn her stripes in the ring, which looks to be hurting her now that she is on her own.

This is also the feeling in the locker room among many of the other RAW women, who feel she isn't ready to be on WWE television over some more experienced women - especially given how little TV time there is allocated to the ladies once you get beyond the top few women.

However, that might not be the only reason Brooke has the backstage heat on her. According to Ring Side News there is gossip that Brooke has been romantically involved with a member of the creative team, which has lead to her bigger role on television and is a reason for the tension among Dana and some of the other RAW Women Superstars. That doesn't even take into account the fact that it's assumed she's seeing Dolph Ziggler...

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