Why The Miz Won The Intercontinental Title: The Best Theories

The transformation The Miz has undergone over the last couple of years is pretty incredible. Not so long ago, The Awesome One was at a point in his career that no wrestler ever wants to reach. The point where fans simply don't care about you. The main goal for WWE Superstars is to get a reaction of some sort, even if it's not the one they initially desired. Take Roman Reigns for instance. In most arenas around the world when The Big Dog walks through that curtain he is greeted by a chorus of boos. That is not what WWE wants for a man they are trying to make their top guy, but it is a whole lot better than him walking into the arena to a wall of silence.

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The Miz, on the other hand, not only gets a reaction, he gets the reaction that he and WWE wants him to get. He also uses his impeccable promo skill to turn any fans who might be cheering against him. A renewed confidence on the mic along with the return of his wife Maryse has rejuvenated the A-Lister's career. Another thing that has made Miz's last two years in WWE so meaningful is the Intercontinental Championship.


This new lease on life for The Miz arguably began the night after WrestleMania 32 when Maryse helped her husband win the Intercontinental Title from Zack Ryder. That was the fifth time Miz won the prestigious championship and since then he has won it three more times, now making him an eight-time Intercontinental Champion. The only man who has held the title more times is Chris Jericho with nine.

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That eighth reign began on Monday night when The Miz defeated Roman Reigns on Raw's 25th anniversary, and there are likely a number of reasons why the decision to switch the title back to The A-Lister was made. First, and most importantly, is the level that the title gets lifted to when it is over The Miz's shoulder. WWE had problems in recent years when it comes to making their secondary championships mean something. The only man who can do it with the United States Title seems to be John Cena, and with the Intercontinental Title, that man is The Miz. When the white and gold is in his possession, he makes it feel like it means something which is a rare talent in present day WWE.


One of the other top reasons that many fans are likely trying to ignore is that WWE needed the title off of Reigns. If the very predictable plan is still going ahead then the build to The Big Dog's match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34 will begin soon. Reigns having the Intercontinental Title during that build would make the long-tenured title feel even more insignificant than it being on the shoulder of The Shield member already made it feel. Now that The Miz has it back, he can begin his own WrestleMania build with a meaningful opponent chasing his title.

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It won't be happening at this WrestleMania of course, but one way or another WWE needs to work Chris Jericho into The Miz's Intercontinental bubble. As mentioned above, Y2J is the only man who has held that title more than The Awesome One at this point. Miz losing and winning the title back so many times in the past two years may be a slow build to that ultimate showdown. Perhaps this latest win is just another piece in the puzzle that is the build to The Miz versus Chris Jericho. The current champ could somehow wind up on nine reigns sometime soon, alongside Jericho, and then the two could battle it out in a triple threat with whoever is champion at the time or even for a vacated Intercontinental Title with the winner pulling ahead and becoming the first ever ten-time Intercontinental Champion.

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No matter how many of the above theories are true or not, one thing is for certain, the Intercontinental Championship could not be in better hands right now. The Miz does the title justice while it is in his possession and this time next week, we will likely know more about who his next challenger will be. Reigns might get his rematch, but chances are following the Royal Rumble he will have moved on, further proving that he should never have had the title in the first place. Perhaps Braun Strowman could set his sights on taking away The Miz's gold, or maybe even Finn Balor with Gallows and Anderson chasing the Raw Tag Team Titles at the same time.


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