Backstage News On Why The New Day Lost SmackDown Tag Titles

Fans of The New Day don’t need to be sour because WWE is still feeling the power when it comes to the world-famous three-time tag team champions. Although they may have lost the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships to The Usos at SummerSlam, that’s going to be far from the last time they hold tag team gold, if a new report is to be believed. In fact, WWE appears to have some really big plans for Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods, plans that could one day have them recognized as one of the greatest, if not the greatest tag team of all time.

According to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there’s a reason why The New Day lost the SmackDown Tag Team Championships so soon after winning them, and so soon after becoming the first team to hold the tag team belts on both brands since the 2016 brand split. As it turns out, WWE wants the popular three-man group to break the record for most tag team championship reigns in WWE history.


The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer added that the endgame plan would be for The New Day to become recognized as the "so-called greatest tag team of all-time." But how much longer do they have to go before they achieve this all-time greatest status?

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At the moment, The New Day has three tag team championship reigns, including their record-breaking 483-day title reign. That leaves them a good six title reigns away from the record currently held by The Dudley Boyz, who have a total of nine tag team championships, and four reigns away from fellow Attitude Era icons Edge and Christian and The Hardy Boyz, who are tied for second place with seven championships apiece. The Usos, who now hold the blue brand's tag team belts, became four-time champions at SummerSlam, so that leaves them one title reign ahead of their erstwhile rivals.


Given the current storylines on SmackDown Live, as well as this new backstage update from Meltzer, there is a possibility that The New Day might not wait too long before they win their titles back from The Usos. But would having them break The Dudley Boyz's record be good enough to make them the "greatest"? The Dudleyz, The Hardyz, and Edge and Christian competed mainly at a time when WWE's tag team divisions were given much more focus, and we don't need to remind you how Raw and SmackDown both leave a lot to be desired in the tag team department these days.

We're not arguing The New Day's potential for greatness – even at a time when they've arguably jumped the shark, they're still one of the most entertaining things about the WWE these days. But it might take more than having the most tag team reigns for them to be recognized as the greatest of all-time—perhaps it's high time that the WWE starts taking their tag team divisions more seriously, instead of treating them like booking afterthoughts.

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