Why Paige And Del Rio Broke Up

Paige ended her relationship with former WWE superstar, Alberto Del Rio, last month, and now we know why. The two had been together since 2016, and got engaged late last year prior to the break-up. After weeks of speculation, Del Rio finally broke his silence and explained why the relationship came to an end.

Appearing on Konnan's podcast, Del Rio explained that busy schedules on both ends and Paige's refusal to move to San Antonio led to the breakup.


"We decided to end our relationship because she’s in Orlando, I’m in San Antonio and now she’s back on the road and the schedule over there is non-stop.

And my schedule is non-stop with my pro wrestling shows, my projects and stuff with Telemundo-Mexico TV Azteca, calendar, charity events and all that stuff. So we were not seeing each other and then, because she was training and getting ready to go back, they were not letting her come to San Antonio. I couldn’t go to Orlando because I have three little kids and I was coming home two or three days."

So, nothing surprising here. Del Rio was released from the WWE under his own request last year, and recently joined Impact Wrestling. With Paige returning to the WWE following a 17-month absence, it would have been more than difficult for the pair to maintain the relationship.

Del Rio has three children with his ex-wife, Angela Velkei, they are currently battling for custody of the kids in court. Perhaps this circumstance also led Del Rio to believe it was time to call it quits.

Paige's relationship with Del Rio didn't come without controversy. Her father said he was "against" her marrying him, and both ran into conflict with the WWE. Del Rio didn't like the direction of his character and left, while Paige was suspended twice last year for violating the company's wellness policy.

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The couple was also involved in an incident at the Orlando International Airport this summer, where police recommended charges against Paige for battery—though none have been filed.

With the relationship ending, Del Rio and Paige will now continue going their separate ways. Del Rio is a main event star in Impact, while Paige recently formed the Absolution alliance on Monday Night Raw. But if Del Rio's side of the story is true, it's nice to see them ending the relationship on decent terms.


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