Reason For Shane McMahon's Absence On SmackDown Revealed

Commissioner Shane McMahon hasn't been seen on SmackDown Live over the past few weeks, and it's left the WWE Universe wondering why.

After all, Shane's feud with Kevin Owens has been one of the top storylines of 2019 thus far. Without a doubt, Shane has helped make SmackDown's overall product that much better. So why haven't we seen him on television lately?

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News), the SmackDown creative team hasn't "had anything for him," while chairman Vince McMahon has practically "forgotten about his son’s angle."

Shane lost to Kevin Owens at the SummerSlam pay-per-view last month; the stipulation was that the latter would have to quit WWE if he didn't emerge victorious. On the ensuing episode of SmackDown, Shane hit Owens with a $100,000 fine for attacking Elias - which led to a heated confrontation between the two as the Prized Fighter departed from his office.

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The following week, Owens apologized to Shane O'Mac, and it looked like the two were about to put the heat behind them. However, McMahon interfered in Owens' match with Elias - revealing himself to be the referee at the last minute. Elias was then able to pick up a pinfall victory over Owens, thanks to Shane's ultra-quick three-count.

At any rate, Shane will most certainly be back in short time. SmackDown will celebrate its 20th anniversary on Oct. 4. That date also marks the first episode under Fox Sports, with SmackDown moving to Friday night broadcasts. Clash of Champions takes place next Sunday as well, so it wouldn't be a surprise if Shane appeared on SmackDown this week to help build up the show.

What's Next for Shane McMahon?

With Owens in the midst of a major push, it's likely that his feud with McMahon isn't anywhere close to finished. WWE has to keep things afresh and not go through this storyline too quickly. The Shane-Owens feud has been excellent thus far, so whenever he returns, expect it to continue over the long run.

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