Bruce Prichard Reveals Why Ted DiBiase Was Never A Singles Champion

Wednesday's episode of Something Else to Wrestle With focused solely on the WWE career of "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and his entrance into the company, his impact on the creation of the Intercontinental Championship, his main event run and eventually his departure. During that videocast, host Conrad Thompson asked Bruce Prichard why, if DiBiase was such a major player and the No. 1 heel in the company, did he never get to hold the WWE Championship?

Prichard explained there were a few reasons he believed this happened. While DiBiase was often in the discussion and was very much a 'what if' scenario for WWE should plans fall through, DiBiase never needed the title to be over as a heel and Prichard felt that actually holding a title less than the World Title had the potential to actually hurt the legacy or taint the character The Million Dollar Man. A mid-card title was not really an option and Vince loved the idea of a babyface as champion.

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DiBiase did hold the tag titles with IRS and was the Million Dollar Champion, often defending the title as if it were a sanctioned belt by WWE. At the time of DiBiase's run in the main event, Prichard explained that the Million Dollar belt was seen as almost, if not more important, than the IC title.

The timing was also a factor. There were plenty of storylines to keep DiBiase busy. He was buying and selling property and people on the regular in WWE including his bodyguard Virgil, the contract of Hercules from Bobby Heenan and he attempted to purchase the WWE Championship from Andre the Giant.

If you count the few minutes he actually wore the title around his waist at the Prime Time Saturday Night's Main Event where he bought the championship, you can say he was the title holder for a brief moment. He never got a run with the title but he may be one of the most over characters in the history of the company who never needed it.

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