Why The Dudley Boyz Are Being "Phased-Down?"

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It was a big moment when the Dudley Boyz made their surprise return on Raw a couple months ago. Since then they have been feuding with The New Day and have done a good job putting them over and they have added some depth to a pretty shallow tag division. However, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that The Dudley Boyz are being "phased-down." Why you ask?

Well, the reason is because the Usos are getting very close to their return and the WWE has plans for them to be the top babyface team in the tag division.

Jey and Jimmy Uso are already back training together in Orlando and the WWE plans on bringing The Usos back to TV sooner than later. It seems like the plan is for the Dudley Boys to be the constant of the division helping new teams get over and helping to grow the tag team division.

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