Why These 15 WWE Superstars Haven't Appeared On TV For More Than 30 Days

There are a number of stars in WWE right now that haven't actually been seen on TV for more than a month and rumors are beginning to circulate.

WWE have three brands as well as their 205 Live roster, the UK Championship talents, and the women who have now been made part of the company following the Mae Young Classic.

This are a lot of talents to keep up with, and sometimes Superstars are not able to be included in the ongoing storylines because WWE has nothing for them on TV at that time.

This is where WWE often decides to repackage these stars instead and then allow them to re-debut. Or they decide that they no longer have a need for the talent and then release them from the company.

There are a number of stars in WWE right now that haven't actually been seen on TV for more than a month and rumors are beginning to circulate about their future with the company. Even though there are some real reasons why these stars haven't made appearances with the company for so long.

The following is a list of 15 stars who the WWE Universe have noticed have been on hiatus from WWE and the reasons why they haven't been used on their effective brand for the past 30 days.

15 Darren Young


"Make Darren Young Great Again." Those were the words of Bob Backlund when he was the manager of Young back in early 2016. But even having a WWE Hall of Famer as a Life Coach isn't enough for WWE to push Young into an acceptable storyline.

Young was able to pick up a feud with his former Tag Team partner Titus O'Neil while he was under Backlund's management. But after he suffered an arm injury back in January, WWE hasn't been able to find a way to bring him back to TV. Young has recently required elbow surgery and has been spending time in the gym ahead of what could be a potentially huge return to the Raw brand for the former Tag Team Champion.

14 Rhyno


Rhyno shockingly made his return to WWE as part of the NXT brand. He was then called up to the main roster and teamed up with Heath Slater to help the undrafted star to win a WWE contract when they won the Tag Team Championships at Backlash in 2016.

The champions later dropped the titles to The Wyatt Family and were drafted to Monday Night Raw as part of the Superstar Shake-Up following this year's WrestleMania event. Rhyno has made numerous appearances on Raw backstage with Heath, but Rhyno and Slater's alliance could now be over since Rhyno has seemingly left WWE to pursue a career in politics. Rhyno ran for Michigan House of Representatives back in 2016 and even though he failed to be elected, this is something he will continue to pursue.

13 Summer Rae


Summer Rae was a huge part of the NXT brand when the Women's Revolution was in its early stages. She later went on to join the main roster and the cast of Total Divas where she gain popularity with the WWE Universe.

Summer was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 32 when she was part of the 10-Diva Tag match. Since then she was been drafted over to the Raw brand as part of the WWE Draft but hasn't actually appeared on Monday Night Raw or WWE TV as a whole for more than a year. Summer has been struggling with various injuries over the past few months and was recently reported to be looking at her comeback to WWE now. WWE just can't fit her into current programming with the division being dominated by the likes of Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks.

12 Stephanie McMahon


Stephanie McMahon was once part of The Authority on Monday Night Raw. But at WrestleMania, she was knocked through a table by her husband after he was pushed by Seth Rollins. This wrote Stephanie off TV for a while so that she could go on vacation and have some time with her family, while her father introduced Kurt Angle as the new General Manager of Raw.

There have been many rumors circulating about the fact that Stephanie hasn't returned because she could be pregnant. The real reason could be to do with the fact that Angle currently has his own storyline going on on Raw and it would be hard to bring Stephanie back into the mix right now. Especially since Raw is in the control of a face and she was seen as one of the biggest heels in the company.

11 Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens had one of the best friendships on WWE TV throughout 2016. That was before Owens decided to turn on Jericho at the Festival of Friendship and kick started a rivalry between the two that would see Owens write Jericho off WWE TV so that he could go on tour with his band Fozzy.

Jericho left WWE the week after WrestleMania 33 which was predictable since he was advertised to be playing dates with Fozzy on tour later that week. Jericho did shockingly return to SmackDown back in July so that he could fight for the United States Championship in a Triple Threat match, before returning to touring with his band afterwards. Jericho will seemingly make his return to WWE when he has completed all of his scheduled tour dates.

10 Erick Rowan


Erick Rowan was once part of The Wyatt Family. Over the past few years has managed to feud with former stablemate Luke Harper a number of times. But now that Bray Wyatt has been moved over to Monday Night Raw and is seemingly doing quite well alone, WWE has run out of things to do with Rowan.

Rowan's last appearance was the Independence Day Battle Royal last month. And even though he has continued to work WWE Live Events and dark matches, reports suggest that Rowan is being kept off WWE TV so that the company can repackage him as something new to distance him from the Wyatt Family gimmick that fans now associate the former family member with. It will be interesting to see what WWE can come up with for Rowan in the coming months.

9 Wesley Blake And Buddy Murphy


The former NXT Tag Team Champions were once managed by the current Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss. But times have changed. Alexa is being pushed on the main roster while her former teammate and fiance are not even able to gain TV time on the NXT brand.

Wesley Blake's last NXT appearance was back in May when he took on Drew McIntyre in a losing effort in the main event. But given that Blake became a father at the end of 2016 for the first time, it makes sense that he would require some time off. Murphy was last seen on NXT saying farewell to Shinsuke Nakamura back in April. Murphy should be returning to TV screens soon as he appears alongside Alexa Bliss in the new season of Total Divas.

8 Kane


Kane is one of the biggest legends currently wrestling in WWE. But while Kane still has a contract to appear as part of SmackDown Live he hasn't actually been on the weekly TV show since the end of November in 2016 when he defeated Luke Harper.

Kane then revealed that he was going into politics back in March when he officially announced that he was running for the mayoral seat of Knox County as a Republican. Kane is aware that his WWE career was coming to an end and has now decided to take a hiatus from the ring as he looks at the options that he has to pursue outside of the WWE moving forward so that he can spend more time with his family.

7 Luke Harper


Unlike with his former Tag Team partner Erick Rowan, Luke Harper did have quite a successful singles run outside of The Wyatt Family and is a former Intercontinental Champion in his own right. Despite this, WWE has no idea what to do with Luke Harper on SmackDown Live now that Bray Wyatt is no longer part of the brand.

Harper's last real feud was against Erick Rowan and since then the company has decided to keep him off WWE TV while they make a decision to repackage him and his former stablemate Erick Rowan so that they can continue being a tag team but not be liked to Bray Wyatt in any way. It is unknown when Rowan and Harper will make their returns to TV, but they have been appearing at WWE Live Events as their old Wyatt Family characters. So it could be a while until they are seen as repackaged stars.

6 The Colons


The Colons have been known under a number of different names in recent years as they were repackaged as both Los Matadores and The Shining Stars. But now Primo and Epico have gone back to their original characters under their real names.

The real-life family members were moved over to SmackDown Live as part of the Superstar Shake-Up following WrestleMania 33 and even managed to defeat American Alpha in their debut match. But sadly for the two stars, Primo suffered a knee injury back in June that has kept the duo sidelined for the past few months. There are also a number of rumors online stating that Primo and Epico had asked for their WWE release, which was later revealed to not actually be true.

5 Triple H


The WWE COO was seen as one of the main Authority figures on Monday Night Raw alongside his wife Stephanie McMahon. That was until WrestleMania when Triple H was defeated by Seth Rollins and has since disappeared from WWE TV as he takes the time to focus on NXT and his duties off-screen.

Triple H often takes time away from WWE following WrestleMania and then returns later in the year so that he can begin to build up to another WrestleMania match.This time last year Triple H made his first appearance since WrestleMania 32 when he attacked Seth Rollins and helped Kevin Owens become Universal Champion so it is highly likely that Triple H will be returning to TV screens sometime soon to set up another huge match.

4 Nikki Bella



Nikki Bella is a former Divas Champion and one of the faces of the WWE Women's Division. She was last seen on WWE TV at WrestleMania 33 where she teamed up with John Cena. The duo managed to defeat The Miz and Maryse before Cena finally proposed to his girlfriend of five years.

Nikki accepted Cena's proposal before she then went on what is thought to be a lengthy hiatus from WWE after it was revealed that she had been having problems with her surgically repaired neck. Nikki has also been filming the new season of Total Bellas, which is set to return to TV screens soon. So even if Nikki isn't in a wrestling ring, fans will still be able to see her in one form or another.

3 Tommaso Ciampa


Tommaso Ciampa is a former NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Johnny Gargano. But since Tommaso turned on Gargano at NXT TakeOver: Chicago, Ciampa has been forced onto the sidelines with a knee injury. Ciampa announced to the NXT Universe that he had reasons for the attack and it was because Gargano thought he was replaceable, something that he has become thanks to an injury.

It is fast becoming one of the most anticipated showdowns in NXT history. Gargano has returned to action in NXT since the events that unfolded in Chicago but Ciampa is said to be out of action now until the spring of 2018, which will give Gargano enough time to build up momentum and finally exact his revenge on his former partner when he does make his return to WWE in a few months time.

2 Sin Cara


Sin Cara has been a star in WWE who has made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. But he was last seen on WWE TV back in May when he lost his debut SmackDown match to Dolph Ziggler.

Since then it is unknown why Sin Cara hasn't been on SmackDown TV. What is known is that he isn't actually injured. So right now WWE just doesn't have any storyline ideas for Cara. Like Goldust and Kalisto over on Raw, Sin Cara has just been stuck on the sidelines appearing at live events and as part of dark matches. WWE will need to decide what to do with the masked Superstar moving forward into Hell in a Cell in less than six weeks time or even moving into Survivor Series season.

1 Paige


Paige is a former Divas and NXT Women's Champion in WWE. After AJ Lee retired from the company Paige played a huge role in kick starting the Women's Revolution, but her career has been on a downwards spiral as of late.

Paige was suspended from WWE on her birthday back in August 2016 and then suspended for s second time the following month when she once again violated WWE's Wellness Policy. Paige underwent neck surgery while she was under suspension and has spent the last few months recovering from the surgery and working on returning to WWE, even though her personal life has been making much more news than her professional one recently. Paige also has a WWE Studios film being made about her life, which could mean that Paige will need to return to WWE to promote the release of the film.

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