Why Tom Phillips Missed SmackDown Live

It wasn't announced prior to the airing of SmackDown Live this past Tuesday, but SmackDown Live sounded a little different as Tom Phillips was not at the table. Michael Cole took his place to work alongside Corey Graves and Byron Saxton, and no one outside WWE knew why Phillips was gone or when he'd be back.

After the mass exodus of WWE talents, namely Neville, Austin Aries, and Nia Jax, was Phillips the latest WWE staffer to need a break or have issues with his contract? The answer is no.


Phillips is completely happy with his position in WWE. The reason he asked for and was granted time off was so that he could get married this past Saturday. This comes one week after Phillips announced for both Raw and SmackDown Live by doing a favor for Cole who wanted to attend his son's wedding. Cole simply returned the favor this week.


As per a report by Phillips married his fiance Renee and the voice of the blue brand was given time off for his honeymoon. Phillips will be back in time for the next episode of Smackdown Live.

After a busy weekend, Phillips will have plenty to talk about. In a sudden bombshell of news, AJ Styles is filling in last minute for Bray Wyatt and facing off against Finn Balor on this Sunday's pay-per-view TLC. So too, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have essentially taken over SmackDown Live and Shane McMahon will be returning after taking a spill off the Hell in a Cell structure at SmackDown Live's most recent pay-per-view.


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Congratulations go out to Tom Phillips and his new wife Renee. And for those in the WWE Universe who were concerned Phillips is just another name leaving WWE, there is no reason to worry. His leave was only short-term and he'll be back to regular duty in no time.

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