Why Was Billy Gunn Fired By WWE?

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The former member of the New Age Outlaws during the Attitude Era got the boot from the WWE today. The incident, reportedly, had nothing to do with the company other than a drug test. Billy Gunn was let go today as a trainer for the WWE for testing positive for elevated levels of testosterone in his blood. The test was for a powerlifting meet back on July 25th of this year. Gunn, inevitably, was suspended from powerlifting for four years as the test revealed a 37-1 ratio of testosterone/epitestosterone according to ringsidenews.com. The limit is 4-1, which is ridiculously under was Gunn’s tests revealed. Ironically, people in the WWE, itself, were not aware that he was even participating in powerlifting until recently. After the issue with steroid use back in the day brought Vince McMahon under fire, something like this, even though not related to the company, surely would not be tolerated.

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