Why WWE Changed Date For King of the Ring Finals

The King of the Ring tournament began on the Aug. 19 episode of Monday Night Raw, and the plan was for the the winner to be crowned at this Sunday's Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

But on yesterday's episode of SmackDown, it was revealed that the winner will actually be crowned on Raw next week - where Baron Corbin will go up against Chad Gable. So why did WWE decide to reschedule the King of the Ring winner?

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter was asked about this on Twitter, and he said that it was done for the sake of cutting back on a lengthy Clash of Champions card. Instead of 12 matches, they're down to 11 now.

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That makes plenty of sense, and the King of the Ring finals wouldn't have gotten as much attention or love on a stacked Clash of Champions card. Now, fans have good reason to be ecstatic about next week's episode of Monday Night Raw- where either Corbin or Gable will emerge victorious.

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There are 10 championship matches slated for this Sunday's show. Roman Reigns' No Disqualification match against Erick Rowan is the only non-title bout slated to take place in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Many WWE pay-per-view shows simply drag on for far too long, so it's totally fair to hold off on the Corbin-Gable match. Fans have been excited about this tournament over the past month, and it'd be a major disappointment if the company chose to rush through it this Sunday. Now, the creative team has time to really plan around Corbin vs. Gable.

Did WWE Make The Right Call?

Without a doubt, WWE made the right call in rescheduling the Corbin and Gable match. All the championship belts will be defended this Sunday, and there was simply no way WWE could scrap either of those matches. Reigns vs. Rowan has been built up for some time as well, so it wouldn't have made sense to scrap that. Thus, the King of the Ring match became the odd one out, and we can't wait see how it plays out on Monday.

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