Why WWE Is Pushing Jason Jordan So Hard On Raw

A new report suggests Jason Jordan is being pushed so hard to appease a certain part of the WWE fanbase.

Jason Jordan has been fortunate enough to climb the ladder of success in the WWE. He has been compared to such past WWE alumni such as Rick and Scott Steiner. Jason Jordan is the modern day version of what is known as a "suplex machine" as he uses his athleticism and explosive power to perform jaw-dropping suplexes to woo the fans. He was also previously paired with Chad Gable of the Smackdown brand until he was drafted to Raw.

The magic that Jason Jordan is performing seems to have carried over to the Raw brand. He's brought the same athleticism to the Raw, and he's gained a bit of an added twist to his character with his kayfabe "father" Kurt Angle. With a combination of speed, explosiveness, and a WWE Legend mentoring him along the way, is there any wonder why Jason Jordan is receiving a push? While it makes sense, he hasn't been as accepted by a majority of fans, resulting in a chorus of boos when he appears on-screen.

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Jason Jordan has been on an up-and-down rollercoaster since he was drafted to Raw. He has scored a few upsets over the likes of Elias and Curt Hawkins, but he has also ended up on the losing end going against the Big Red Machine Kane and most recently suffering a loss to the current Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns. With these prospects, it is hard to tell if his push will propel him to the upper echelon of the WWE or will he end up as just a flash in the pan.

For now, it seems that push will be sustained as Dirtsheets.net reports Jordan's screentime is thanks to metrics from WWE's social media team. Jordan has one of the strongest female followings in the WWE (only behind Roman Reigns), so WWE has decided to push him to appeal to that demographic.


That following hasn't really translated into a positive reaction from crowds for the Superstar though. He still gets reactions, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. This past Monday Jordan was actually booed during his dialogue involving Samoa Joe and Reigns. One can only speculate a heel turn as Jason Jordan has somewhat of an arrogant attitude with his onscreen conversations with his long-lost father Kurt Angle.Reigns pointed out that "If you want something, step up, and take it", which assures Jason Jordan is under his long-lost father's wing and a falling out with Angle might rear its ugly head in the form of a heel turn.

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With the combination of athleticism and veteran guidance, it seems like Jason Jordan is on the right path, and the fact that he has a strong following from a portion the WWE wants to target will only help him going forward.  The storyline he's involved in is well crafted for a young up-and-comer and has a humorous twist thrown into it with the whole long-lost son angle. A legitimate and believable athlete such as Jason Jordan is what wrestling needs today and this is probably the real reason behind his forward momentum. Turning heel may be the best thing for Jordan because a feud with Kurt Angle would surely cause his career to skyrocket.


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