Backstage Details On Why WWE Scrapped Maria Kanellis Pregnancy Storyline

Mike and Maria Kanellis recently signed new five-year deals with WWE, and the company proceeded to place them in a pregnancy storyline.

Maria revealed that she was pregnant with their second child during the July 1 episode of Raw. A storyline followed in which she berated and humiliated her husband numerous times, while telling Mike he isn't the "father." of her baby.

The popular wrestling couple also clashed for the 24/7 Championship on numerous occasions. Maria forced her husband to surrender the title, but he won it back while she was lying on a doctor's table during an examination.

Maria's pregnancy storyline was quickly dropped, however, and WWE has used a similar angle with Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley. But why did the creative team decide to end the Mike-Maria segment in short time?

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Ringside News), explained that WWE pulled Mike Kanellis from shows, following his request to be released last month. With Mike no longer on television, WWE decided to use the angle with Rusev and Lana instead.

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We don't know yet what the future holds for both Mike and Maria in WWE. She hasn't requested her release from the company, and so far, there aren't any indications that WWE is grant Mike's request.

What's Next For Mike & Maria?

With Mike unlikely to get released from his contract, one has to think that he'll rejoin the roster in short time. If that ends up being the case, it'll be interesting to see what WWE does with him and Maria. Will they go back to 205 Live, or will WWE keep them on the main roster while working around a new angle? Only time will tell, but the only thing we know is that the Kanellis pregnancy storyline is done for good.

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