Wife Of Jericho: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Y2J's Marriage

Chris Jericho is one of the best-known WWE Superstars of the current generation. After defeating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night, Jericho became the first ever Undisputed Champion, something that has set the tone for his entire career.

Jericho has been appearing on WWE TV now for almost two decades and even though he has left and returned more than any other star, he is still one of the most popular characters.

Jericho has shown off his best friend Kevin Owens many times on WWE TV before the duo split, but his wife has never made an appearance on WWE TV alongside her husband, which is a shock considering many wives of wrestlers do make the occasional appearance.

Even though Jericho's wife is one to shy away from the WWE spotlight, it seems that there is already a lot known about Jessica Lockhart and her life as The Wife of Jericho. Jessica herself doesn't seem to share her husband's love of the spotlight and instead would prefer to raise their children outside of the radar and away from the public eye.

The following are 15 of the best-known facts about Jessica and her life with Jericho over the past 17 years.

15 Married Jericho Back In 2000


That's right, the entire time that Chris Jericho has been appearing on WWE TV, he has been married to the same woman. It's not usually the story that comes from many relationships with wrestlers on the road, but it seems that Jericho and his wife have managed to remain together for the past 17 years despite him being away for most of their marriage.

Chris Jericho and Jessica Lockhart officially married on July 30, 2000 having met during Jericho's WCW days a few years before. The couple has had their own fair share of problems over the past few years, while Jericho has spent so much time on the road. But regardless they have always maintained a united front and found a way through all of their problems.

14 Three Children Together

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Jessica and Jericho were married for more than three years before their first child was born as the couple welcomed Ash Edward Irvine on September 24, 2003. The duo then waited another three years before they welcomed twin daughters Cheyenne Lee and Sierra Lorreta Irvine on July 18, 2006.

Their oldest son is now 14-years-old and is a self-confessed fish expert. Ash has been obsessed with fish ever since he was born and has his bedroom full of various fish related products. His daughters are 11-years-old and are experts on literature. It seems that even though their father is a well-known WWE Superstar, his children have been free to grow up and become the people they want to be, mostly out of the harsh spotlight of the WWE Universe.

13 Jessica Met Jericho Through A Mutual Friend

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Jericho and Jessica dated for a while before they decided to get married. But the real story is how the couple actually met. Jericho and many other wrestlers were at a Japanese restaurant in Tampa, Florida where they would go after a show to wind down.

On this particular night, Jericho was caught staring at Jessica and then found out that WWE Superstar Disco Inferno was a mutual friend. He then went on to introduce the duo. They then spent hours talking together at the restaurant that night and Jericho stated in his 'A Lions Tale' biography that it was at that point that he knew that Jessica was his destiny. This was the moment that the couple first met and exchanged numbers, that then led to what would be a lengthy amount of time between their first and second meetings.

12 The Jericho And Kelly Kelly Saga

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Even though Jericho and Jessica have been together for the past 17 years, their love life has definitely not been one without scandal. One of the biggest turning points of their marriage was when it was rumoured that Kelly Kelly and Chris Jericho were cheating behind her back.

Photos of the duo kissing were leaked onto Social Media and it was reported that Jessica didn't react well to this. She was mostly annoyed that they photos had been leaked on to a public domain, but it seems that these pictures were the only thing that linked Jericho and Kelly together and so his wife decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. The couple didn't suffer too much as a result of what was his first cheating scandal.

11 How Does Jericho Find Time For His Family?

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Jericho has to be one of the busiest people in Sports Entertainment. Not only does he find time to tour with WWE on a weekly basis, but he is also the lead singer for American heavy metal band Fozzy.

While Jericho is away from WWE for much of the year, he is busy completing tour dates with his band. It is reported that Jericho is a hands-on father though and a dedicated family man. He always spends time with his daughters and has them on his podcast when he's back at home. He also spends a lot of time with his son and takes him fishing as he continues to learn and become an expert on all things related to fish. Jericho recently left WWE once again to tour with Fozzy who have their first live gig on Friday night. It seems that he's cutting it fine this time around.

10 Jericho Once Tweeted That He Misses His Wife When He Spends Time Away

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Jericho has obviously adapted well to family life after being married to Jessica Lockhart for almost two decades. Jericho does spend a lot of time away from his family though when he is part of overseas tours. When the WWE roster is touring America then it's easy for Jericho to head over and see his family, but this isn't the case when the tours are thousands of miles away.

Jericho has tweeted many times about how much he misses his wife when he's on overseas tours, which is cute. It means that even though Jericho is concentrating on his career and working hard fro WWE, he is still thinking about his wife and his children at home. Jessica probably feels the same way whilst her husband is on tour as well, both with WWE and with Fozzy.

9 Jessica Lives  With Jericho In Tampa Florida

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One of the cutest facts on the list is the fact that Jericho and Jessica met in Tampa, Florida because it's where Jessica is from. And since then the couple have decided to buy a house there and remain in the same state that they had their first interaction all those years ago.

It means that they are free to keep visiting the same Japanese restaurant that they met at back in the 1990s and that their children can grow up in the house that the couple themselves have always lived in. Another cool fact is that John Cena only lives a few miles away from the couple as well, also in Tampa, Florida. So perhaps they often spend time together outside of WWE, and when Cena is actually at home, given his hectic schedule as well.

8 That Twitter Mistake

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It was mentioned above that the whole Social Media scandal involving Kelly Kelly wasn't the only cheating speculation that surrounded Jericho in his early WWE career. Back in 2010 Jericho was just getting used to Twitter, much like the rest of the world and he was seen to have accidentally tweeted some personal messages that were meant to be sent privately.

These messages seemed as though Jericho was inviting some Australian women back to wherever he was staying at that point. It was only a year after the rumours about Kelly Kelly surfaced and the Diva herself asked fans to delete the images linking her to Jericho. So it made a lot of fans view Jericho in a different light. The tweets were deleted merely minutes after they were posted.

7 Jessica Has Been Voted One Of The Hottest WWE WAGS

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There are many WWE Superstars who end up dating the female wrestlers in the business. Many of these women are considered to be some of the hottest females in the world, so it is easy to see why they turn many men's heads.

Jericho's wife Jessica has been voted one of the hottest WWE WAGs so many times, that it is easy to see why Jericho didn't have his head turned and has managed to remain with his wife for so long. If Jessica didn't decide to be a mother so early on in her marriage with Jericho then it is obvious that she would definitely have had a future as some kind of model. Jericho is definitely punching above his weight with this one, let's hope he never does anything to ruin that.

6 The Children Have All Appeared On Talk Is Jericho

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Jericho does spend a lot of time way from his family, and as well as him not only touring with WWE and touring with Fozzy, he also presents his own podcast called Talk is Jericho on a regular basis.

While Jericho has had many well-known WWE stars on there including Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins ,and Kevin Owens, he has also been able to include his children in many of the broadcasts as well. His son Ash often appears to talk about fish while his daughters are experts on literature. Jessica herself hasn't appeared on the podcast alongside her husband yet, but it would make for an interesting episode since there isn't much actually known about Jessica herself. Hopefully, Jericho will invite her on at some point.

5 Jericho Has His Wife's Name Tattooed On His Ring Finger

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Being a professional wrestler, or even a professional athlete sometimes makes it hard to always wear your wedding ring. Wrestlers can't wear jewellery in the ring, so many come up with different ways to still show their loyalty on national TV. Randy Orton has an elastic band on his ring finger whilst he was married to Samantha Speno and it seems Jericho has found his own way to show his love for his wife as well.

Instead of wearing a ring, Jericho has instead had his wife's name tattooed on his ring finger. This is obviously much more permanent than a wedding ring and shows every woman just how much Jericho thinks of his wife and it means that he takes her name wherever he goes, even if he can't actually take her.

4 Jessica And Her Children Are Not Actually Wrestling Fans

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Ever wondered why Jericho's family are never in the audience for big title wins or even for WrestleMania events? This would be because Jessica and her children don't actually like wrestling. It has been reported that even though they will watch wrestling if their dad is involved, just to see him on TV, they don't actually enjoy it.

None of his children want to pursue a career in wrestling like their father either, with all three children already looking at careers outside of the Sports Entertainment industry. iT must make Jericho proud, seeing that his children are not afraid to branch out and pursue their own dreams. Jessica has obviously raised their children right over the past decade, with Jericho being involved every now and then, maybe this is why the kids dislike wrestling?

3 Jessica Wasn't There For Jericho's Biggest Title Win

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Jericho has the incredible fact that he was the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion. He defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin on the same night for this accolade and even though it was the biggest win of his career, his wife wasn't actually there to see it.

With many decisions in wrestling, the finish of the match was changed so many times before WWE went live that night, that Jericho couldn't tell his wife to come and watch because he wasn't one hundred percent sure that he was going to actually win. Many decisions can and have been changed in Gorilla, so Jericho didn't want to invite his wife only for her to see him lose. It's a sad fact considering Jericho invites his Mrs. to many of his biggest matches. But as already stated, she isn't actually a fan of wrestling, so she doesn't visit Jericho at work very often.

2 The Couple Spoke On The Phone For Weeks Before Their Second Meeting

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Jericho and Jessica may have met each other and completely hit it off at that Japanese restaurant, but it seems that it was actually a while after that the couple were able to see each other again. Jericho was on the road with WCW and Jessica left to go to her father's cabin in Minnesota for three weeks the day after.

Luckily, the couple had exchanged numbers and instead spent a lot of time on the phone over the next few weeks. The couple managed to get to know each other before anything physical happened and Jericho stated that this allowed them to create a foundation for their relationship. By the time Jessica returned from Minnesota, the couple were already together even though Jericho said he had forgotten what she looked like and when he finally did see her, she was more beautiful than ever.

1 A Wrestling Fan Attended The Jericho Wedding

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As already noted, Jericho and Jessica finally tied the knot on July 30, 2000. The wedding was a grand affair and Jericho even allowed a wrestling fan to be in attendance. He spoke about the day in his 'A Lions Tale' biography where he said that Masa was the most dedicated wrestling fan he had ever met.

Jericho said that he had met Masa when he went to Japan with WCW and he learnt that Masa had taught himself English so that he could talk to wrestlers and he approached him at a wrestling event in Japan and told him that he could help him with anything. Jericho took him up on the offer and the duo actually became good friends after that, Jericho then invited him to his wedding.

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