Will Rusev Miss Elimination Chamber And Who Might Replace Him??

He's injured 👀 pic.twitter.com/mUpfaLelG4

— Leah (@_BellaFam) May 27, 2015

This tweet from a wrestling fan, along with the fact that his match with Ryback ended abruptly on SmackDown (we won't spoil the ending for you though), might be enough for us to surmise that Rusev suiting up at Elimination Chamber is no longer a guarantee. While the WWE has yet to comment on his injury and it's seriousness, it's hard not to assume that he'll be missing the upcoming PPV based on the evidence we have. He's seen in a wheelchair with a cast on in the Tweet and he was helped back to the locker room by the medical staff after his match on SmackDown.

That leads to the next question, who might replace him if he's hurt? Here's a quick rundown of who we believe could be included in the match:

- Stardust: He recently got some screen time with Arrow's Stephen Amell on this past week's RAW, so he's at least mildly relevant heading into the event. Also, he was involved in the ladder match at WrestleMania for the IC Title, so it wouldn't be a stretch to see him get another crack at it.

- Big Show: It's been rumored for a few weeks that he'd be appearing on live television, but that still hasn't happened. If they lost a big man in Rusev, they could conceivably replace him with Big Show, who could add a different element to the match and force some of the other superstars to team up against him.

- Damien Sandow: Who am I kidding? They'll never use him right...

- Bray Wyatt: He hasn't been included in any matches on the card and has been involved in a feud with Ryback for the last few weeks. He's never really gone for any titles during his singles run, so he could enter the match just to screw over Ryback.

- Other possibilities: Randy Orton (not in any other match), Roman Reigns (not in any other match), Adam Rose (after his successful ESPN special), Zach Ryder, Jack Swagger, a surprise NXT entrant.

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