Will The Brand Split Affect The Pay Of WWE Superstars?

According to SmackDown Live General Manager, Daniel Bryan, the fear is real. In a recent interview with the Bear Hug It Out Wrestling Podcast, the former WWE Champion stated the following:

“Some of [the WWE stars] don’t like [the brand split] because everyday that you’re on the road and not working, you don’t get paid. So you’re spending money and not getting paid. So it just becomes like, ‘okay, so now I’m making less money, but spending the same amount of being on the road and that sort of thing’. But pretty soon, we’re going to start doing Smackdown live events on Monday nights, the same night as Raw, so then that’s going to even out a bit. And I think that extra day on the road at home makes a huge difference. I mean, there’s a huge difference between leaving on Friday and coming home on Wednesday and leaving on Saturday and coming home on Wednesday or leaving on Friday and coming home on Tuesday. So I think it’s going to be better for the health of everybody.”

Within Daniel Bryan's less-than-poetic manner of speaking (isn't the GM supposed to have strong mic skills?) we gather there is a sense of worry among those in the locker room as it pertains to their pay checks.

Also, SmackDown Live events on Monday nights? Unless they step-up their game in a hurry, stay home and watch Raw when the Blue Brand comes to your town.

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