5 Winners and 5 Losers From Raw August 21, 2017

The fallout from SummerSlam was going to felt at Raw on Monday night. A card that was packed with four solid hours of matches, a three-hour Raw was supposed to tie it all together and set the roster up for new feuds, new matches and, in many cases, new beginnings.

How will WWE follow-up a lackluster pay-per-view in many respects, but a show that offered a fantastic main event? Where do Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe go from here? Will John Cena show up? There were rumors he was going to.

Here are your 5 Winners and 5 Losers From Raw August 21, 2017.

5. Loser - Big Cass

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Regardless of how you feel this feud is going with Enzo Amore and Big Cass (and it isn't going well) what awful timing to get what looks to be a very serious injury. The overused "Amore gets his @$$ handed to him segment" was overshadowed by what looks to be a legitimately serious knee injury. Cass was not able to continue and was visibly frustrated by the fact that he appeared to realize something terribly bad just happened.

Cass was in the beginning stages of a serious push. If he's hurt, this would kill any momentum he's built up. For Enzo, this is not good news either. He was already on the outs in WWE and without someone to bad-mouth, there may be nothing for him to do.

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5. Winner - Braun Strowman

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He continued his dominance at SummerSlam with more dominance at Raw, and while there might be some that feel the WWE is rushing this match, Strowman will face Brock Lesnar in a few weeks at No Mercy. 

How will this go? If you judge the crowd reaction, Strowman should be the champion. The fans are clearly behind him and to the point, they are rooting against a crowd favorite in Lesnar to show their support of the "Monster Among Men".

4. Loser - Emma

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If someone can explain the point of Emma's progression as a character, the WWE Universe is all ears. She whines about not getting opportunities, and then she gets squashed in every match she's in. It almost appears as if the WWE is hoping that if they make her lose enough times, the fans will cheer for her when she finally pulls off a victory. The problem with that theory is that nobody seems to care what happens to Emma.

If the WWE does go through with a series of roster cuts, it will be amazing if she survives them.

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4. Winner - The Miz

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Despite losing in the main event, The Miz was a star on Monday night. He entered the ring with Reigns and Cena and many wondered why he was in such grand company. Then he started to speak. After flubbing the "Barclays Center" he not only used that to add more to his promo, but he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands and ate up the fact the Brooklyn audience was firmly in his corner and ready to promote any bashing "The Hollywood A-Lister" was going to do of the hand-picked WWE Superstars.

The Miz is showing he doesn't need a show like Talking Smack to get over. He was wrestling to an almost empty arena the night before at SummerSlam and the next night, stealing the show.

3. Loser - Cruiserweights

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After a couple weeks of good Cruiserweight action, the WWE is back to throwing some of their most talented wrestlers into a blender and putting them on Raw in matches that tell us nothing about their stories and everything about WWE Creative's lack of direction for these men. It's like a bad joke that starts with "how many Cruiserweights does it take to have a match?"

Even in a huge tag bout like this, some of the talents got to show their skills. The fact that they can do so with such poor booking and no time to let the WWE Universe invest in who they are, it's amazing they get in what they do. It's also a shame. The WWE needs to stop trying to cram these guys in and tell a story about a couple of them each week.


3. Winner - Rollins and Ambrose

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Their match against the Hardy's wasn't perfect by any means, but the build that is happening between Sheamus, Cesaro, Rollins, and Ambrose is bound to get interesting. Throw the Hardy's are now in the mix (likely due to the injury of the Revival's Scott Dawson), and it should get very interesting.

The best part about all this is that everyone knows, at some point, it's all going to fall apart. It will be fun to see when and where that happens.

2. Loser - Sasha Banks

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Something about her segment on Raw after a huge win at SummerSlam just didn't feel right. She came across as unsure of herself, pushy and sort of a bully. This would be great if she were the heel, but she's not supposed to be. Outside of her shout-out to Ric Flair, the Brooklyn audience was not behind her and that's amazing considering all she's done in her career in front of that crowd. WWE needs to turn her heel.

Even though Banks and Bliss have alleged real-life heat with each other, this promo didn't come off terribly well. Next week fans will know more as they square off as Bliss invokes her rematch clause.

2. Winner - Reigns and Cena

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As much as fans might hate to admit it, the Reigns and Cena bout that feels inevitable is one everyone will want to watch. Does that match wind up with Cena passing the torch to Reigns, or does Reigns get blocked by Cena in his attempt to take his rightful place as the new leader in WWE?

If the tension between the two doesn't boil over in the next couple weeks, it will eventually. The WWE has already booked what should be a WrestleMania match between Lesnar and Strowman for No Mercy. Why should anyone assume they won't do the same with Reigns and Cena.


1. Loser - Jason Jordan

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The WWE is quickly proving they don't know how to write storylines that involve wrestlers and their illegitimate kids. That sounds like a strange way to start an argument, but it really isn't considering this isn't the first time the company has tried this idea. Jordan is a great wrestler, but he and his story already lost the fans interest.

It appears now like the company is trying to book him in a way that suggests they won't push him too hard out of fear fans will reject him, they won't give him wins simply because he's Angle's kid, and they don't want him to lose to anyone but top talent. It's awkward writing, to say the least, and it could do more damage to Jordan than it does good.

1. Winner - Bobby Roode

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It's strange to call Bobby Roode a winner when he wasn't even on the show, but he was a winner because he wasn't on the show. Rumors were everywhere that Roode was backstage at Raw and many believed this was the night he was going to make his debut. The important question to ask is, where would it have been?

The one thing WWE should not do with a guy like Roode is throw him on the program just to have him on the program. He needs a "Glorious" entrance and the timing of his main roster debut needs to be just right. He can't do a surprise run-in (not with an entrance like his) and he can't feud with an established star and potentially lose. Roode's debut needs to be drawn out and promoted. WWE needs to go all-in on his first entrance to the main roster. Good for them not rushing it.

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