5 Winners And 5 Losers From Raw - Triple H Saves Team Raw

It was the go-home show for Raw heading into Survivor Series and while typically the final Raw before a pay-per-view only further sells the already-set matches, this Monday things changed dramatically heading into Sunday's event.

The Shield were back as a unit of three, the women still needed to determine their fifth and final member, Bray Wyatt returned, Jason Jordan's role at Survivor Series changed and the main event was a battle among monsters that ended rather quickly. Not everything was perfect, but this particular episode of Raw was extremely positive.

Here are your 5 Winners and 5 Losers From Raw - November 13, 2017.

5. Loser: Bray Wyatt

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He was only a loser on the scoresheet but in terms of how his night went, Bray Wyatt was effective and his loss didn't really hurt him since it was forgotten so quickly. That said, if the WWE continues to have him lose to opponents (he lost to Finn Balor at the live events), it won't be long until Wyatt is irrelevant again.

There is a possibility that the WWE just doesn't know what to do with him. Now that the Sister Abigail gimmick seems dead in the water, WWE is going to have to find something useful for him. Until they do, expect the losses to pile up.

5. Winner: Braun Strowman

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His match against Kane didn't last terribly long, but it didn't have to in order to be effective. He was still dominant and by the time he'd finished the match and powerslammed Kane through the ring canvas to end the show, it seemed clear it was only a matter of time until he takes out Kane for good.

Strowman is one of the WWE's most unique characters and he needs to be pushed accordingly. These little side feuds with guys like Kane are okay if he comes out on the winning end.

4. Loser: Jason Jordan

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He didn't look great begging for his spot back on the Survivor Series team and all will be forgiven if he turns on his dad. But if this was just a way to set up a feud between Kurt Angle and Triple H, Jordan basically allowed the WWE to bury him.

Jordan is not a crowd favorite. He needs to turn heel if the WWE hopes to salvage the time they're putting in his character. There were a number of chants throughout his appearance on Raw to suggest the fans were ready for him to leave.

4. Winner: Paul Heyman

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Talk about selling a match with only a few days to make it sound like can't-miss action. Heyman is a master at grabbing your attention and falling in love with an idea. He's also good at working from the cuff — as seen by his taking a moment to deal with a couple of lovebirds in the crowd.

There are Superstars who might be as good on the mic, but no one delivers a marketing promo like Heyman. He quickly made you forget that Mahal versus Lesnar was ever a thing WWE was trying to sell to an audience.


3. Loser: Mickie James

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Mickie James was part of the three-woman qualifying match for the Survivor Series, and while she didn't look bad in her appearance, she lost and is being left off the pay-per-view. In doing so, the WWE Universe is now fully aware that her feud with Alexa Bliss didn't really mean much in terms of her standing in the division and James is a lower-tier talent.

How long does Mickie James realistically have with Asuka on the roster and women like Paige coming back?

3. Winner: Samoa Joe/Finn Balor Reunite

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They teamed together in NXT and while the announce team never mentioned that during the broadcast, it was still fun to watch these two team up like they'd never done so before. They played off the planted friction well and added a layer of intrigue to the Raw team that could be fun to watch for at Survivor Series.

This is eventually going to boil over and when it does, it should be one of the most interesting feuds on the roster. This is the kind of relationship where the WWE likes to give them the tag titles and watch them struggle.


2. Loser: Elias

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He wasn't on the show and for that reason he's being labeled a loser. The last few weeks have seen Elias really fall out of the spotlight and he's not a part of Survivor Series nor has he done anything of note in the past few weeks.

Hopefully this is more a sign that Jason Jordan has slowed him down and not a sign that WWE is getting tired and unsure of what to do with him. They've showed holes in their booking of him over the last month. That he's not anywhere to be seen heading into Survivor Series isn't great news.

2. Winner: Triple H Announcement

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It was a surprise twist that made a lot of people happy, and Triple H being added to Team Raw for Survivor Series adds so many possible outcomes to that match. The likelihood is, this is leading up to some sort of feud between him and Kurt Angle but that he'll be facing off against Shane McMahon, that Jason Jordan now has a beef that might come into play and that he's stepping back into the ring on a major show is all good news.

In the last couple weeks, Survivor Series became a much better show. Triple H is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

1. Loser: No Paige

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She was spotted backstage and everyone anticipated that she'd make her return but she didn't show up. Is it because they want to save her for Survivor Series? Is it to not take away from the impact of Asuka?

We know Paige is coming. We know it will be soon. That it wasn't on Raw was a bummer, but the show was packed and perhaps not trying to squeeze her in was the right idea. No one know what she'll be doing, but the WWE Universe is eagerly waiting to find out.

1. Winner: The Shield

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Their first match together in over three years was a good one as they have a chemistry that is undeniable. The Shield issued a challenge to The New Day, who accepted, and that match will be added to Survivor Series.

Reigns looked motivated and ready to roll, and this group should head into Survivor Series, have a great match, eventually roll over New Day and move on to something bigger and better. They're going to be a good addition to the pay-per-view.

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