5 Winners and 5 Losers From Raw - September 25, 2017

The follow-up show to No Mercy, Monday night brought the WWE an episode of Raw that was sure to answer a few questions.

What's next for Roman Reigns now that he's seemingly sent John Cena packing for a while? Reigns won the right to call himself the real "Big Dog" in WWE and he was set to kick off the show in a segment of Miz TV. Would The Miz be his new challenger or is the WWE setting up something bigger?

Also, what's next for Braun Strowman? He lost to Brock Lesnar, and it was somewhat unexpected in the way the loss came down. Will the "Monster Among Men" take that defeat in stride or will he terrorize the entire roster until he gets what he wants—whatever that is?

Enzo Amore is the new Cruiserweight Champion, Alexa Bliss is still the Women's Champion, and the show was bound to have key people missing. How would WWE move forward with everything that came from Sunday's pay-per-view?

Here are your 5 Winners and 5 Losers From Raw - September 25, 2017

5. Loser - Jeff Hardy

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It was announced that Jeff Hardy would require surgery on his right shoulder and out of action for some time. The WWE announcers drove the point home, and instead of Jeff teaming with his brother Matt, Jason Jordan took his place and defeat the team of Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas.

This will put a halt to any plans the WWE may have had for Jeff Hardy and hopefully it doesn't affect his ability to start a storyline that will set up a big ticket match for him on the singles side of things.


5. Winner - Matt Hardy

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Is it possible that Jeff Hardy's injury is the catalyst to do something unique with Matt Hardy? We hate to suggest that an injury to Matt's brother is the thing Matt needed, but it just might be. The WWE can't continue to bring out Matt in thrown-together tag matches while Jeff is on the shelf. This could be an opening to really run with a "Woken" Matt Hardy.

If the WWE does nothing with this opportunity, consider this the beginning of the end for Matt Hardy's popularity in the WWE.

4. Loser - Apollo Crews

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Two consecutive losses—with this time being an obvious plan to set up a bigger-name battle between Elias and Titus O'Neil—makes Crews a loser on Monday. We don't imagine the idea of putting Crews in Titus Worldwide was in an effort to help him put over Titus, but here we are.

It really is time to consider sending Crews back to NXT. He'll be used much more effectively there and it would allow for a refresh when he does finally resurface on the WWE main roster.

4. Winner - Titus O'Neil

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At the expense of Crews, it looks like O'Neil is actually getting some time to do what he does, which is wrestle. He'll be taking on Elias at some point, and he'll be doing so in the ring. The ring is really where O'Neil belongs.

That said, it's fair to assume that Titus is going to be nothing more than a stepping stone for Elias as the WWE gets behind the heel. O'Neil will return only to lose convincingly. It's kind of a win/lose situation.

3. Loser - Balor/Wyatt

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The WWE is in a bad place when you realize that the only option they seem to have is to keep the feud alive between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor when it's clearly one-sided. Balor beat Wyatt decisively at No Mercy and that should have been the end of it. Instead, WWE sacrificed Goldust again to let a battle that has long overstayed its welcome continue.

Wyatt needs the family back, and maybe to introduce Sister Abigail as a character. Balor needs a new heel to compete against. It was a terrible decision by the WWE to keep this going.


3. Winner - Braun Strowman Segment

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Well, if we wondered what the WWE was going to do with Braun Strowman after losing to Brock Lesnar, Curtis Hawkins just found out the painful way. On a path of destruction, it's almost like starting back at square one for the "Monster Among Men" and what got Strowman so over in the first place is now going to be relived on Raw for the next little while.

After Hawkins was sacrificed, (the WWE focusing on his losing streak is a creative idea) Dean Ambrose came out and put the big man over. That was good for Strowman who needed to have a decisive win over someone credible.


2. Loser - Sheamus and Cesaro

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Here's a legitimate question. What are Sheamus and Cesaro going to do now? It appears the only option is a feud with The Good Brothers, Anderson and Gallows because the Shield looks like it's going to be reuniting, one of the Hardy's is on the shelf, and so is one of the Revival. Is that where Sheamus and Cesaro want to go?

We actually like Gallows and Anderson, but the sheer lack of credible tag teams is a problem now, and these guys are too good and too committed (see Cesaro working through having his teeth jammed into his upper jaw) to be tossed into a feud the WWE won't put time and effort into. They were thrown into this weeks Raw while the WWE was setting the stage for The Shield. Hopefully, this isn't a continuing trend.

2. Winner - The Miztourage

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Thank goodness for a few things here. First, it was nice to see the WWE give heat to guys like Axel, Dallas, and The Mix because they've earned it and as a trio. With some freedom, they actually look like a credible threat. Second, thank goodness this is leading to a Shield reunion. It might be the one thing that saves Raw, and it will put Reigns right back in the spotlight as the babyface the WWE so badly wants him to be.

The Miztourage saved the show and gave the WWE Universe a reason to tune in next week.


1. Loser - Missing Faces

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The one thing about Raw on Monday was just how fans could feel the absence of some big-name talent. Take nothing away from how good the Enzo Amore segment was, but if bigger names like Cena or Lesnar were there, and the WWE had a viable direction for who was left, the Cruiserweights would have never closed the show.

WWE is going to have to pray that Reigns can really draw in the people. His segment with Miztourage was well done, but if he's not the drawing power WWE hopes he is, Raw is going to need an infusion of talent in a hurry.

1. Winner - Enzo Amore

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Yes, Amore is annoying, but that mixed with his incredible ability to talk on a mic, makes him the perfect heel. We finally got to see the WWE go full on with the idea and it worked well. It was also a special moment for the Cruiserweights who got to the close the show.

Amore will do one thing well, and that is bring eyeballs to 205 Live. It's the main reason he was given the title and is being pushed so hard in spite of all the rumors that seem to surround him. If Amore can keep delivering, he's not going anywhere but up. And considering everyone had him pegged as a goner, he's potentially showing the Internet smarks how wrong they all were. He's actually creating buzz for the Cruiserweight Division.


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