5 Winners and 5 Losers From SummerSlam Weekend

This past weekend was a big weekend for the WWE. With both NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III and SummerSlam taking over the WWE Network, fans were looking at almost 10 hours of unique programming, tons of high-quality matches and surprises heading into Raw and SmackDown Live. 

NXT debuted the much-talked about Adam Cole, and WWE saw new champions crowned with some surprising talents retaining their titles. Veterans often won over the future of the company and many of the rumors that were bound to take place never happened.

Which card was better? Which brand offered the most to its fans? There wasn't enough room to cover everything. The poor showing of Enzo, Cass and Big Show along with the rest of the card for NXT didn't make the list, but rest assured, they were given close consideration.


Here are the 5 Winners and 5 Losers From SummerSlam Weekend.

5. Loser - Baron Corbin


If Baron Corbin was being viewed as the new shiny toy to come from NXT and make it big in the WWE, that isn't the case anymore. WWE management must have really turned a corner in the wrong direction on Corbin because in the last two weeks he's lost his Money in the Bank guaranteed shot and got soundly defeated by John Cena. He was used to snap Cena's SummerSlam losing streak and who he squares off against next is anyone's guess.



Corbin still has the potential to be a big star, but he's not proving it right now. The botched chokeslam into the backbreaker isn't going to help his cause either.

5. Winner - Cesaro


Cesaro and Sheamus may have lost their Raw Tag Team Titles, but he'll come out of SummerSlam as one of the most talked about WWE Superstars of the weekend. His entry into the Brooklyn crowd to grab a distracting beach ball from the fans and promptly destroy it will be a moment fans will remind Cesaro of throughout Raw on Monday.

If he wrestles a match, you can bet there will be another beach ball and you can bet there will be signs. How this goes could be interesting. Cesaro may have started a war with the audience or he may have completely won them over.


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4. Loser - Rusev


Is it back to the drawing board with Rusev? There was some speculation that he might go over in his match with Randy Orton, thus getting him back on track and making him into the monster WWE wants us to believe he is. The opposite happened.

Not only did Rusev lose, he lost in a matter of seconds and this is after he cheap shotted Orton to get the early advantage. They took Lana away, they had him lose matches with Cena and Orton (two veterans in the twilight of their careers) and he's officially enhancement talent now.

4. Winner - Natalya


She hasn't held the women's title in six years, but Natalya won it convincingly on Sunday night. In a much more one-sided contest than many might have assumed, Naomi didn't look very effective and after two sharpshooters, Natalya disposed of her to take the SmackDown Live Women's Championship.

There was no Carmella to steal her moment and she'll go into SmackDown Live as the deserving women's champ. How long it lasts is unknown but it was a well-deserved show of respect.

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3. Loser - Bray Wyatt


In a match that felt completely repetitive (because the WWE had just offered it for free on the Monday leading into SummerSlam), Wyatt was booked weak the minute Finn Balor became "The Demon King".

The booking all the way around for Balor and Wyatt was silly. They didn't explain the backstory as to why Wyatt had a beef, they had him win a match clean against Balor and dump some sort of goo on him and then he lost the minute Balor upped his game. What a waste of both men.

3. Winner - Ember Moon


Ember Moon did more in defeat than she likely ever could have done with a win at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III. Facing almost impossible odds, Moon came so close to defeating Asuka, and in the process earned the respect of the NXT crowd. Despite being visibly upset that she lost, Moon received a standing ovation as she left the ring.

She's now in a class of women's wrestlers that will keep NXT 's women's division legitimate if and when they move Asuka up to the main roster.

2. Loser - The Hardy Boyz


It's not really the Hardy's fault, but a duo that just two weeks ago had all sorts of buzz disappeared on the pre-show and was put in a match that seemed like a complete waste of time. The match was scheduled so early, there was barely anyone in the crowd to watch it.

This is such a far cry from the momentum they were building (especially Matt) as all the talk in the WWE was around when we'd see Matt "awaken" and change his character to the "Broken" gimmick everyone has been clamoring for. If WWE is going to make the change, they would have been better simply leaving these guys off the card altogether.

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2. Winner - Braun Strowman


How can anyone watch SummerSlam and come out of it not thinking Braun Strowman is the biggest star in the company right now? The crowd was completely behind him, he demonstrated pure power and destruction throughout the match and he was the only WWE Superstar not to take a suplex from the "Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar.

It's a virtual guarantee that Strowman will be getting the biggest push from the company heading into WrestleMania and he may be chosen as the guy to remove the title from around Lesnar's waist when that time comes.


1. Loser - Shinsuke Nakamura


Either the WWE really wants to ride the Modern Day Maharaja into the sunset or they're punishing Nakamura for his botch on John Cena. Either way, Nakamura lost to Jinder Mahal in a match almost everyone believed "The King of Strong Style" was going to win.

For now, this kills the momentum of Nakamura and could change the rumored plans that he would face A.J. Styles at WrestleMania 34. That, of course, still may happen but he'll have to earn back that trust within the WWE.

1. Winner - Adam Cole

Talk about making an impact! Adam Cole came from being signed to a WWE contract just days ago and is now in the main event scene of NXT and made his debut at arguably the biggest pay-per-view weekend of the year for the company to date.

With the help of Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly, Cole laid out new champion Drew McIntyre and appears to have completely changed the direction of NXT storylines. Will he take the title off McIntyre as quickly as he debuted? Or, will WWE slowly build him up to the crowd?

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