With Sami Zayn The WWE Is Trying To Recreate Daniel Bryan's Push

via business2community.com

If you are a Sami Zayn fan try not to get too upset if you see him losing a lot of matches. There is a rumor going around that, while that is the plan, there is a greater method to the, what some might call, madness.

According to CageSideSeats.com, the rumor is that the WWE feels that - because Sami is so likeable and a good worker - they can recreate the push they had with Daniel Bryan with Sami Zayn.

So, the theory goes that, having him lose a lot will get the fans behind him even more which could in turn push him further forward.

On the surface, the theory makes sense. But just because something worked once doesn't mean it will work again - and Zayn already really has the fans behind him, so lets hope that this plan doesn't backfire on the WWE and hurt Zayn.

Also, at this point, this is just a rumor! But an interesting one.

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