In what is just another chapter in the strange story that is Matt Hardy becoming “Woken’ Matt Hardy, this week’s Raw was the first instance that fans got to see Hardy in competitive action. Introduced to the ring after what was close to 10 minutes worth of other WWE non-ring segments, Hardy was brought down for his match with some interesting news of note.

First, Hardy was given a new theme song. In past live events, the WWE has been toying with his old “Broken” piano theme he used in TNA and using his Extreme theme music he shared with his brother Jeff. Instead, Hardy got a new theme which started with the phrase, “I will delete you” and his iconic laugh. It went on to include a mix of piano and a much more upbeat bass line and backing theme. Not everyone will love the new theme but it was unique and much better suited to his new character than the old Team Extreme music.

What was more worrisome than the music, was the fact that WWE couldn’t find time to build a new set of graphics to bring Hardy to the ring. Using the video wall to show his entrance graphics, it was his old Team Extreme graphics and completely unsuited for his new character. 

Of course, after Hardy defeated Curt Hawkins (in a very short match), Bray Wyatt’s video vignette theme hit so Wyatt could appear in the ring and Hardy and Wyatt could have a laugh-off.

To prove Raw might be full of awkward moments, the two didn’t lay a hand on each other or say a word, they simply laughed in the other’s face until a few minutes had gone by and Wyatt’s video vignette theme returned to end the segment.

For whatever reason, the WWE does not seem to know what to do with Matt Hardy and this new character. In one sense, they seem to want it to succeed, but then they can’t bring themselves to build him a new set of graphics to enter the ring with? Then, not knowing how to advance his feud with Bray Wyatt, the WWE has them stand in the ring and just laugh at each other. 

Whether this strategy is on purpose or not remains to be seen, but as it stands now, it appears to be a jumbled mess of mixed ideas.


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