Woken Matt Hardy FINALLY Debuts On Raw

WWE waited until just before the main event to address the elephant in the room but when they finally got around to discussing Matt Hardy, it wasn't a disappointment. Having seemingly "broken down" in his match last week against Bray Wyatt, the company hinted for the first time that fans might get to see a different Hardy – a Hardy that was awakening.

As they introduced the segment WWE showed highlights of last week's Raw and then screenshots of tweets that Hardy had posted on social media. Suggesting he'd awoken thanks to his run-in with Wyatt, Hardy mentioned a "great war" brewing and recruiting loyal soldiers. He said "I am recently #Woken, but I will FOREVAH be #BROKEN."

What did all this mean? Apparently, everything a Broken Matt Hardy fan could have wanted. After showing the tweets and video, Bray Wyatt appeared asking who was Matt Hardy? Suggesting Hardy himself didn't know, the video cut to Matt Hardy in full "Broken" mode, a shot to which at first sight had the live audience respond in a thunderous ovation. Fully in "Broken" character, Hardy described himself as one who had wandered through space and time but was not lost.

The videos continued to cut back and forth between Bray and Hardy and with each segment, the characters got stranger and stranger. Hardy said he was well-versed in all areas of the multi-verse. He rambled in a way that hasn't been done in quite some time. When Hardy said he'd be laying the vessel of Matt's body but has been "WOKEN", fans went crazy with delight.



The segment ended in the best possible way it could have. Hardy sentenced Wyatt to deletion and the two went back and forth laughing hysterically at each other. The fans erupted in "delete, delete" chants and with that, "Broken/Woken" Matt Hardy was born.

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