Woken Matt Hardy Is Talking Bizarre Smack To The Raw Roster

After months of speculation, Matt Hardy underwent a 'breakdown' and transitioned towards a new gimmick. On this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, Hardy became "Woken" - not Broken - Matt Hardy.

He began to speak with an accent and vowed to delete Bray Wyatt, but that's not the only person that has received such threats. 'Woken' Matt Hardy has also started talking smack to other Raw superstars, including Jason Jordan and Finn Balor.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome 'Woken' Matt Hardy to the WWE.

Of course, his new gimmick is much similar the "Broken Matt Hardy" that was displayed at Impact Wrestling. Hardy introduced this character near the end of his run with the company, bleaching his hair and becoming the spirit who threatened to 'delete' people.

After Matt and Jeff Hardy left Impact to join Ring of Honor, there was a major legal battle for the rights to use the 'Broken' gimmick. Impact refused to let the Hardys use the gimmick when they switched companies.

Matt's 'Broken' character earned much popularity and praise from both fans and writers, completely reinventing himself after years of being one-half of the high-flying Hardy brothers.

The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, but Jeff needed shoulder surgery in September and is still out for two-to-four more months. That forced Matt into singles competition, and he now has the new gimmick to go with.

It'll be interesting to see what happens when Jeff returns. Matt has Bray Wyatt (plus more superstars), to "delete." Will the brothers reunite, or will a Woken Matt Hardy decide it's time to delete his brother?

There are so many ways for the creative team to go with Hardy's new gimmick. Considering how much WCW talent they wasted some years ago, let's hope they use the TNA gimmick of Woken Matt Hardy sparingly.


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Woken Matt Hardy Is Talking Bizarre Smack To The Raw Roster