5 Women From The Mae Young Classic WWE Should Sign Permanently

Have you been watching the Mae Young Classic? If you haven't, you have been missing out. Also, fair warning if you've yet to see what's happened up until now, this feature will contain spoilers. The first eight episodes of the women's tournament are available now for you to binge watch on the WWE Network, and they detail what has happened so far all the way up to the semi finals. The tournament began with 32 women from 13 different countries and after the eight episodes, we are now left with just two competitors. The finalists will compete to become the winner of the first ever Mae Young Classic on Sept. 12, 2017. It's not all about the two ladies that are left standing though, and we have been treated to some incredible wrestling from all the women involved. Here are five of them that WWE doesn't already have signed to the company that they really should consider pinning down.


5. Princess Sugehit

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First up is the extremely impressive Princess Sugehit. If before this tournament you believed that being a luchador was strictly for male wrestlers, then think again. The Mexican Superstar wowed fans watching the tournament, and it was to be expected really considering that she is the most experienced performer in the Mae Young Classic. Princess Sugehit is 37 years old and has been wrestling for 20 of those years. It shows as well, and in the two matches she competed in at Full Sail, she demonstrated what a quality addition she would be to the WWE locker room. Sugehit may have only made it to the second round and yes, she's older than most others in the tournament, but WWE should not pass up on bringing her in.

4. Mercedes Martinez

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Considering the praise I just heaped upon Princess Sugehit you must be left wondering what incredible female sent her packing from the Mae Young Classic after just two matches if you haven't already watched it, of course. That woman was Mercedes Martinez. In all fairness, Martinez is an extremely experienced pro wrestler herself, beginning her training almost seventeen years ago. Mercedes' tattoos, in-ring style, and just general aura depict her as being a bonafide bad ass, and she has made sure everyone watching the Mae Young Classic knows that. It's not as if people aren't aware of her either despite not competing for WWE. Sasha Banks recently said on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast that she believes the reason she couldn't use her real name (Mercedes) in WWE was because Martinez was already established in the business.


3. Piper Niven

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Piper Niven is perhaps the most unique competitor to take part in the Mae Young Classic. While there is a plethora of small and nimble Superstars filling the 32 spots, Piper does not fit that mold. Niven is bigger than most of the women competing, something she uses to her advantage, but don't let that fool you into thinking that's all she has in her repertoire. Piper is also quick and agile and isn't afraid of going to the top rope when called upon. With the women's revolution in full swing, there has not been a better time for Piper Niven to arrive in WWE. Nia Jax is currently showing exactly what bigger women in WWE can accomplish, and Niven would be a perfect candidate to follow suit.


2. Candice Le Rae

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When we were putting this list together and researching who was and wasn't already signed to WWE, it came as quite a shock that Candice Le Rae was not already on their books. Not only has Le Rae demonstrated an incredible wrestling ability throughout the tournament, until failing in the quarter finals, but she was clearly a fan favorite during all of her matches. There are so many possibilities for WWE if they were to sign Candice. Aside from the obvious which is to make her a Women's Champion and the ultimate female babyface, let's not also forget who her husband is. Le Rae is married to current NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano, and there are certainly angles involving the two of them and Tomasso Ciampa that would be extremely entertaining.

1. Shayna Baszler

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None of the 32 women that entered the Mae Young Classic raised their stock more with the tournament than Shayna Baszler. In the space of just four matches, the former UFC fighter has done what most Superstars on the main roster are currently struggling to do, and that's turn herself into a legitimate heel. Shayna isn't like Kevin Owens, or Charlotte before she turned, where they're a bad guy but fans still love or respect them, she is genuinely someone that fans are dying to see lose. It hasn't happened yet though, and Baszler has made it all the way to the final where she will meet Japanese Superstar Kairi Sane, beating two other wrestlers in this list to make it there. Her MMA inspired style gives her matches a real feel to them, especially when she makes her opponent tap to her choke hold, and if WWE signs just one woman off the back of the Mae Young Classic then they should make it Shayna.


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