Every Woman In The Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Ranked By Chances Of Winning

Money in the Bank is just around the corner and excitement is, well, not in the air thanks to rumors of multiple talents wanting to leave the company and Triple H being unhappy with main-roster booking decisions. The matches being rehashes of Fastlane and WrestleMania matches aren’t helping matters, either.

However, two outcomes of the PPV, besides title changes, of course, can inject some excitement into the fans; the results of the MITB ladder matches. There are a few notable exclusions in the women’s match, like Sasha Banks, Sonya Deville, Ruby Riott, Asuka and Kairi Sane. Yet, the match does boast enough star power and talent to be in the running for the match of the night award. In this article, we’ll rank every woman in the MITB latter match by their chances of winning the MITB contract.

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8 Dana Brooke

How Dana Brooke secured a place in the MITB match ahead of fan-favorite Ruby Riott has left many fans baffled. She’s brought little attention to herself since breaking up with Charlotte Flair, except for an angle that lasted two weeks with Ronda Rousey. Perhaps, this is WWE’s way of rewarding an employee of six years’ loyalty.

However, given that she’s hardly ever drawn any kind of reaction from the fans, it’s safe to say World Wrestling Entertainment won’t be making her the winner. Her chances of emerging the victor is as slim as CM Punk making a return at the PPV.

7 Natalya

With the Women’s Championship titles changing hands often, one would expect Natalya to have won the straps numerous times in her 12-year WWE career. She’s, however, had just two title reigns—Divas Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship—that lasted a combined 156 days. She’s probably not going to win another title again either, given her age of 36. There are numerous younger talents who need a title run more than she does. Accordingly, it doesn’t make much sense for WWE to give her the MITB win when they can make a star in the other participating wrestlers.

6 Naomi

Undoubtedly Naomi is one of the most athletic wrestlers on the WWE roster today. However, she’s never been convincing enough as a champion thanks to her being a tad bit awkward. While she pulls off moves most men can’t do, her delivery during promos leaves a lot to be desired.

As a champion, one is expected to deliver top-tier promos and, while her husband Jimmy Uso has been tearing the house down since shedding the face paint, she’s been rather uninspiring. In addition, historically, MITB winners have been ruthless and opportunistic and, given her character arc, she isn’t the ideal MITB winner.

5 Nikki Cross

Thanks to Alexa Bliss' being unfit to perform at the Money in the Bank, WWE had to replace her with Nikki Cross. With the exception of Ruby Riott, they couldn't have found a better replacement as she adds some mystique to the match.

She has a huge fan base and, if the recent booking decisions are anything to go by, WWE is now open to pushing the Internet darlings. In addition, making her win the MITB contract will help WWE in the long term, as many fans think they've become predictable. However, given her ongoing program with Little Miss Bliss, it's unlikely she wins it.

4 Mandy Rose

A few years ago, someone with Mandy Rose’s ability and looks would have been the odds-on favorite to win the MITB match. However, with the fans now chiefly getting behind those who’ve made a name for themselves on the independent circuit or NXT, she’s now only the fourth favorite to lift the MITB briefcase.

In addition, it looks as though her tag-team partner, Sonya Deville, the likely breakout star from Absolution, will make an interference that makes Corey Graves go bananas and kickstarts a feud between the tag-team wrestlers. If WWE doesn’t break them up, one expects them to go after the Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIconics, after the PPV.

3 Carmella

Carmella has managed to make every angle she’s been a part of work. She made James Ellsworth relevant again after he became stale and elevated veteran wrestler R-Truth while also ensuring she stayed relevant. Her 131-day SmackDown Women’s Championship reign made her a top heel and included wins against former Royal Rumble winner Asuka and eight-time Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

The WWE officials underlined their belief in her when they made her win two MITB matches, and the catchphrase Mella is Money has since become quite popular. WWE now has a glorious opportunity to make MITB matches her specialty.

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2 Ember Moon

Much like many other recent NXT call-ups, Ember Moon, a 12-year veteran and former NXT Women’s Champion, has downgraded since moving to the main roster. An excellent wrestler who often pushed then-undefeated Asuka to her limits in NXT, she’s now lost all her mystique and has rarely won a big match on the main roster.

However, she has been booked strongly on numerous occasions, including the women’s Royal Rumble (2019), 20-woman battle royal at Evolution, and last year’s MITB ladder match. If WWE intends to make the 30-year-old a main-eventer, they’ll make her the MITB winner.

1 Bayley

Since losing the Women’s Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania to The IIconics, Bayley has looked a different person altogether. Formerly a pushover, she has looked a lot more aggressive in recent times.

In addition, with her now being drafted to SmackDown, which, besides her, has only four former Women’s Champions as opposed to Raw’s eight, they now need to rebuild her. Besides, she’s insanely popular among the younger fanbase despite how poorly she’s been handled on the main roster, so WWE can still make huge money off her. All they need to do is push her, and a MITB win is the perfect start to her redemption story. Perhaps her winning it will also convince Sasha Banks to return. A win for all the parties involved!

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