Women Of Wrestling: The 10 Hottest Wrestling WAGs And The 10 Hottest Daughters

Being a professional wrestler definitely has its share of perks. Sure, you have to put your life and physical well-being on the line on almost a daily basis while being thrust into an endless series of weird and potentially embarrassing storylines for the amusement of strangers. But on the plus side, chicks seem to dig the fame and fortune, hence the reason why wrestlers always have lovely ladies on their arms or clamoring for them from the stands. This often leads to relationships with some of said ladies, and can even yield children in some cases. Since the mothers are usually attractive, wrestlers often end up having good-looking kids, who in turn become good-looking adults, which brings us to this list of WAGs (wives and girlfriends) and daughters.

However, this article doesn’t just involve a bunch of randoms, as some wrestlers you know are actually WAGs or daughters themselves...sometimes both! (But not to the same person, because that would be weird).

If you’re still reading this and haven’t already skipped ahead to the photos, congratulations! Your commitment to supporting the printed word hasn’t gone unnoticed, and we very much appreciate it. Your reward? 10 photos of the hottest wrestler WAGs and 10 photos of the hottest wrestler daughters.

21 WAG: Giovanna Angle (Kurt Angle)

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Actress Giovanna Angle (born Giovanna Yannotti) has appeared in film such as My Bloody Valentine, The Twilight Saga: New Moon, and Death from Above, as well as an uncredited role on FX’s Justified, but the role we’re concerned with today is that of former WWE wrestler Kurt Angle’s wife. Kurt was previously married to Karen Smedley, but after two kids and 10 years, the couple decided to call it quits. Kurt became engaged to Yannotti in 2010, had their first child together (a daughter, Giuliana Marie Angle) on January 22, 2011, and got hitched on July 20, 2012. The happy couple then welcomed a second child (another daughter, Sophia Laine Angle) on December 31, 2012, and a third (you guessed it, another daughter, Nikoletta Sky Angle) on November 5, 2016.

It was recently announced that Kurt will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame later this year, and Giovanna will no doubt be by his side for the event.

20 Daughter: Tamina Snuka (Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka)

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Although we sadly had to say goodbye to wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka earlier this year, his legacy lives on through his daughter, WWE wrestler and actress Tamina Snuka. Born Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka (yikes!), Tamina trained at the Wild Samoan Training Center in Florida before debuting on the May 24, 2010 episode of Raw as a heel alongside Jimmy and Jey Uso. She has yet to win the WWE Women’s Championship, but has competed as part of numerous tag teams and in single matches, and was AJ Lee’s bodyguard for over a year before tearing her ACL and missing 11 months of action as a result.

Although Tamina just turned 39, she still looks fantastic both out of the ring as well as in it, especially since she was cleared to return to the squared circle in February 2017 following knee surgery the previous year.

19 WAG: Lauren Hashian (The Rock)

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When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 2016, women everywhere were suddenly awakened and off to the races. However, the brakes were quickly put on when they collectively found out that Johnson already had a girlfriend...and the two have been dating since 2007! The Rock’s rock is named Lauren Hashian, and she’s a 32-year-old singer and songwriter who comes from a musical background. You might know the song she co-wrote for YaBoi Shad, called “Only You,” or you may recognize her from the 2005 competition, R U That Girl, on UPN. No? Well, how about the fact that her father drummed for the band Boston for a decade, including on their debut and sophomore albums. You know what else Lauren also helped create? The Rock’s daughter, Jasmine, who was born in December 2015. In fact, we’ll wager that she probably put in much more work than he did on that particular project.

18 Daughter: Charlotte Flair (Ric Flair)

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After making her first appearance in professional wrestling at the age of 13 with her father, Ric Flair, at WCW’s The Great American Bash 2000, Charlotte eventually signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2012, and has since won the Raw Women’s Championship four times. And although Charlotte is a total knockout in the looks department (and rocks a bright blonde head of hair, just like her father), she didn’t win the belts by competing in mud wrestling events or bikini bouts. Instead, Charlotte had to win numerous Triple Threat matches (including one at WrestleMania 32), a Hell in a Cell battle, and a 30-minute Iron Man match, among others. Charlotte recently referred to herself as "the greatest female wrestler of all time,” and although she failed to regain the title at Fastlane 2017, this was just her first pay-per-view singles loss ever, after earning 16 victories in a row.

17 WAG: The Bella Twins (John Cena & Daniel Bryan)

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Even non-wrestling fans are aware that the Bella Twins, Brie and Nikki, are taken by fellow pro wrestlers Daniel Bryan and John Cena, respectively. Heck, we know plenty of girls who have no idea who Bryan even is outside of Total Divas, and just know him as “Brie’s husband. (Can’t say the same about John Cena, though; everybody knows that dude.) In case you weren’t informed of the full story, Brie and Bryan revealed their engagement back in 2013, married on April 11, 2014, and announced that their first child - a daughter to be named Birdie Joe - is expected in April 2017.

As for Nikki and Cena, they’ve been dating since November 2012, and there are constant whisperings that he’s getting ready to pop the question, according to the ladies we know who monitor the rumor mill. Then again, if you ask them, the Bella Twins are the real stars, and Bryan and Cena should be listed as the WAGs...or HABs (husbands and boyfriends).

16 Daughter: Brooke Hogan (Hulk Hogan)

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Like her father The Hulkster, Brooke Hogan has also had lifelong dreams of stardom, and she’s well on her way, as she has already released two studio albums as a pop musician (and is currently working on a Country record), made various acting appearances (such as the reality shows Hogan Knows Best and Brooke Knows Best, the cartoon China, IL, and numerous horror films, including a role in L.A. Slasher alongside Batista), modeled (she was the first FHM cover model under 21 and has 135,000 Instagram followers), and even as an authority figure on TNA back in 2012.

As for current wrestling endeavors, the beautiful Brooke (who obviously gets her looks from her mother, Linda) has something else in the works, but you’ll have to read on to find out more about that. Brooke was briefly engaged to former Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa (now retired) back in 2013, but as far as we can tell, the 28-year-old bombshell is currently single.

15 WAG: Kim Kessler (Randy Orton)

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Although Kim Kessler already had three kids and WWE’s Randy Orton already had one, the two ended up splitting from their respective partners after it didn’t work out, and Kim and Randy eventually found each other. And it may have been fate, as Kessler has admitted she was a fan of Orton prior to actually meeting the wrestler. “In my brain, way before I met him, he was my boyfriend,” Kessler said in an interview on the WWE Network’s Unfiltered with Renee Young. “So he was all over my house way before I met him.” The two made it official with a ceremony on November 14, 2015, and welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Brooklyn Rose Orton, on November 22, 2016. Not only is the couple happy, but so are their kids. “The way they get along, it’s just the cutest thing,” Orton said on Unfiltered. “It warms my heart, and it’s because of [Kessler], and it’s awesome. She’s made my life so much more enjoyable.”

14 Daughter: Alana Leslie (Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake”)

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Not only is Alana Leslie the daughter of former WWE and WCW wrestler Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, but she’s also the goddaughter of the legendary Hulk Hogan, which is why none of us were surprised when it was revealed in 2013 that Alana had signed and was training with Jersey Championship Wrestling. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard too much from her since on this front, but considering that fact that she was completely untrained at the time, this hopefully means the blonde beauty, who goes by the in-ring name “Baby Beefcake,” has picked up some skills in the meantime. Either way, we think Alana will be okay, as she had the looks, the physique, and the support (she admits to often asking both her father and her “Uncle Terry” for advice) to achieve anything. Even if she doesn’t continue to pursue wrestling, Baby Beefcake is also a classically-trained musician.


12 WAG: Paige (Alberto Del Rio)

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Alberto Del Rio was married to, and had three kids with, Angela Velkei. However, the two had a messy divorce in 2016, and the last time we checked (which, to be honest, isn’t all that often), the two were still sorting out the details, custody agreements, and all that fun stuff. In the meantime, however, Del Rio began dating WWE’s own Paige - someone who could have easily appeared in both the WAG and daughter sections of this list, as Paige was born Saraya-Jade Bevis, the daughter of former pro wrestlers Julia “Sweet Saraya” Hamer-Bevis and Patrick “Rowdy Ricky Knight” Bevis.

Although currently sidelined with an injury and recently in a leaked photo scandal, Paige is a two-time Divas Champion, earned the very first NXT Women's Championship, and was the first female to ever hold the two championships at the same time. She also earned a big ol’ diamond from Mr. Del Rio when the two got engaged in October, 2016.

11 Daughter: Natalya (Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart)

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When we tell you Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart’s daughter is hot, don’t start thinking she’s just another pretty face. I mean, she does have a very pretty face, but Natalya Neidhart is also a third-generation Hart (as her mother, Ellie Hart, is the daughter of legendary wrestler, promoter, and trainer Stu Hart), so she’s also quite the talented in-ring performer. Natalya was trained by her uncles, Ross and Bruce Hart, and after spending some time wrestling in Canada, Europe, and Japan, she signed a developmental deal with WWE in 2007. Since then, Natalya has wrestled with The Hart Dynasty (alongside her cousin, David Hart Smith, the son of Davey Boy Smith; and her boyfriend-turned-husband, Tyson Kidd), won the WWE Women’s Championship, and has been a regular cast member on E!’s Total Divas.

Natalya is one of the toughest ladies around, as evidenced by her toned, muscular physique, and also the fact that she shook off getting her front teeth knocked out at a WWE house show in 2016.

10 WAG: Velvet Sky (Bubba Ray Dudley)

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Born Jamie Lynn Szantyr, this lovely lady is more than just a wrestler WAG, she’s a wrestler herself. Szantyr cut her teeth wrestling for TNA (now Impact Wrestling) under the name Velvet Sky, and is best known as a member of The Beautiful People stable alongside Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, Lacey Von Erich (more on her later), and Cute Kip. Sky became a TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion with the group, and is also a former two-time TNA Women’s Knockout Champion. You may have also spotted her in Montgomery Gentry’s music video for “So Called Life.”

Her latest accomplishment is dating Mark LoMonaco. This is impressive not because he’s a former WWE and current Ring of Honor professional wrestler, but because he’s also a professional jerk by most accounts, including his own. Still, the two have managed to make their tag-team relationship work, and we wish them all the best in the future.

9 Daughter: Bianca Sophia Carelli (Santino Marella)

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Who would have guessed that the daughter of “Santina Marella,” the former “Miss WrestleMania” from back in 2009, would end up having a daughter who would actually win a beauty pageant? That’s right, Santino Marella has a beautiful daughter, and, as you might expect, she looks much better in a skirt than her dad did at WrestleMania XXV. In fact, Bianca Sophia was actually crowned Miss Teen Ontario-World back in 2013 at the age of 18, and is also a dancer (hip-hop, jazz, and ballet, to name a few styles) and an aspiring actress and improv performer. She is also a fitness enthusiast, as evidenced by her Instagram page, which currently has some 2,850 followers. An in-shape actress who also happens to be good at improv? Carelli is still only 21, but with a resume like that, it sounds like she could potentially become a future WWE star.

8 WAG: Maryse (The Miz)

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Clearly we don’t need to tell or show you how hot Maryse is (but it couldn’t hurt, right?) as you can see her performing in the WWE and appearing on Total Divas on a weekly basis. We also don’t need to tell this to The Miz, who got engaged to Maryse in 2013 and married her in The Bahamas on February 20, 2014. Maryse got her start in wrestling after trying out for WWE's Diva Search all the way back in 2006. Although she was cut fairly quickly, the promotion signed her to a developmental deal, and she made her first official televised appearance on the May 21, 2007 episode of Raw to debut rapper Timbaland's new video for "Throw It on Me", in which she appeared alongside fellow WWE Divas Brooke Adams, Ashley, Kelly Kelly, Layla, and Torrie Wilson. Oh, and by the way, her native language is French, so feel free to chew on that for a while.

7 Daughter: Shaul Rehwoldt (Eddie Guerrero)

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Who knew Eddie and Vickie Guerrero’s daughter was so hot? Well, fans of her early singing and modeling career, for one, probably know. Also, wrestling fans probably know, as Shaul competed with the WWE from 2010-2014 under the name Raquel Diaz. While with the promotion, she held the title of Queen of FCW for 119 days, won the FCW Championship for the first time in 2011, competed in WWE NXT, and also managed wrestlers such as Rusev, Konnor, Kenneth Cameron, and Epico. Another person who might know: WWE’s Vaudevillian Aiden English (real name Matthew Rehwoldt), whom Shaul became engaged to in 2014 and married on January 3, 2016 - making her legal name Shaul Rehwoldt now. Although she’s still only 26, Shaul has changed up her look quite a bit over the years, but has nevertheless managed to stay consistently stunning - especially if you’re into tattoos. (And we totally are!)

6 WAG: Brandi Rhodes (Cody Rhodes)

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You might recognize Brandi Rhodes (born Brandi Alexis Reed) from her time with WWE as Eden Stiles, a SmackDown, Main Event, and PPV ring announcer, as well as a ring announcer and interviewer for Raw. However, her first time in the spotlight actually came back at the age of four when she began performing competitively as a figure skater, which she did until age 21, when she decided to pursue a career in news reporting, and later modeling and acting. You might recognize her from ads for Budweiser or KFC, as well as from the pages of Maxim. In 2011, she signed a developmental deal with WWE, which is how she met and began dating Cody Rhodes (a.k.a. Stardust). The two tied the knot in September 2013, and both asked for their release from WWE in 2016. Brandi now wrestles alongside Cody for Impact Wrestling, and also owns her own swimwear line.

5 Daughter: Tessa Blanchard (Tully Blanchard)

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Tessa Blanchard is constantly branding herself as a “future legend,” and it’s not just because she’s the daughter of Tully Blanchard, a former member of WWE’s The Four Horsemen, and the granddaughter of Joe Blanchard, a former wrestler and Canadian football player. The 21-year-old Tessa is currently blazing her own trail, having already wrestled with East Coast Wrestling Association, Women Superstars Uncensored, Shine Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and WWE as both a member of Adam Rose’s partying entourage and an NXT competitor. And since we didn’t mention it already, Tess is drop-dead gorgeous. Not only does the brunette have natural good looks, but her Twitter and Instagram accounts document the long, frequent hours she spends at the gym burning fat, building muscle, and training in the squared circle.

Careful though, fellas; not only can the lady stand up for herself, but she’s currently dating pro wrestler Ricochet...and the two also happen to live with Apollo Crews.

4 WAG: Reby Sky (Matt Hardy)

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Reby Sky (real name: Rebecca Victoria Hardy) is still only 30 years old, but she’s already compiled quite the list of lifetime accomplishments. In her late teens and early 20s, Sky appeared on numerous TV shows and music videos, and found success as a model, posing for Playboy as one of "The Girls of Montauk” in July 2007, and as “Cybergirl of the Week” in July 2010. In the meantime, she was also named Miss Howard Stern TV in December 2009. Sky then moved on to wrestling for Lucha Libre USA in 2010 and Shine from 2012 to 2013, before joining TNA in 2014.

During her time on the independent circuit, Sky met former WWE (and current TNA) wrestler Matt Hardy, whom she married on October 5, 2013. Less than two years later, on June 23, 2015, Reby and Matt welcomed their first child, a son they named Maxel.

3 Daughter: Lacey Von Erich (Kerry Von Erich)

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Although she was only six years old at the time of her father’s untimely passing, Lacey Von Erich, daughter of Kerry Von Erich (and granddaughter of Fritz Von Erich), clearly has wrestling in her DNA, as she joined the WWE in 2007 at age 21, competed in Jimmy Hart’s Wrestlicious promotion, and spent a year with TNA before abruptly retiring in 2010. Lacey is now 30 and has three kids (ages 10, 4, and 1), but nevertheless still looks absolutely stunning. The last we heard, which was late in 2016, Von Erich was working with Brooke Hogan, Ariel Piper (daughter of Rowdy Roddy), and Brittany Page (daughter of DDP) to develop an all-female wrestling promotion of their own. She has also been writing a book tentatively titled “Wrestling With Ghosts,” which is sure to be enlightening. Considering her obvious hardworking attitude and the multiple tragedies her family has suffered in the past, we wish her the best of luck with every endeavor.

2 WAG: Catalina White (Jack Swagger)

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2016 wasn’t a great year for WWE wrestler Jack Swagger, and 2017 hasn’t been much better, especially when you consider the fact that he was just released from his WWE contract a couple days ago. Although, for the record, this occurred after Swagger had requested a release. Either way, if Swagger is a bit bummed about his career, he can at least run into the waiting arms of his wife, Catalina White. If you don’t recognize her name, her face and figure might ring a bell (or several very loud bells), as Catalina has graced the covers and pages of publications such as Maxim, FHM, and Complex Magazine. The two tied the knot in December 2010, and welcomed their first child, a son they named Knox, on October 17, 2011. The Swagger Family (or Hager Family, to be legally accurate) expanded again on May 18, 2015 with a daughter named Presley Pearl.

1 Daughter: Noelle Foley (Mick Foley)

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Her 567,000 Instagram followers agree: Noelle Foley is a total knockout. This might come as quite the surprise for some folks considering that fact that her father, Mick Foley, has always been seen a hairy, heavy, disheveled and unbalanced mess-of-a-man. And also since the last time a lot of wrestling fans saw Noelle was when she was six years old and crying in the 1999 Royal Rumble arena audience after her father took about 15,000 chair-shots to the head, which was also featured in the 1999 documentary Beyond the Mat. Now 23 years old, Noelle is a model and currently stars alongside Mick on WWE Network’s Holy Foley!, where she revealed she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a wrestler. In the most recent episode, Noelle and her family ventured down to Orlando, Florida for NXT tryouts. For more flabbergasting photos, be sure to give her a follow.

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