15 Women Who Fell In Love With Bad Wrestlers

The wrestling industry might be dominated by muscular, good-looking guys, but the promotions always need some not-so-charming men to make proper "hero vs villain" storylines, making sure the viewers can actually get engrossed. It's not every professional wrestler who is an endearing individual, as we've seen quite a lot of very mediocre looking men to have graced the wrestling circuit and achieved quite a lot of success because of how their in-ring work overcame their appearance.

There have been a fair share of rather unattractive superstars to have graced the WWE in the past few decades, but their mediocre looks didn't stop them from becoming big stars in the company. Not only did they achieve success inside the ring, they managed to be quite successful in their real life as well because of how they charmed some stunning ladies despite not having the attractive genes in them.

It's quite perplexing for the fans to discover how these rather mediocre looking guys managed to charm such exquisite ladies to be with. This list of 15 Beautiful Women Who Fell In Love With Unattractive Wrestlers proves that the saying "love is blind" can be applicable in the professional wrestling industry as well!


15 Charlotte Flair

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Charlotte Flair has shaped herself to be the "Queen of WWE" ever since making her main roster debut a few years ago, with the SmackDown Women's Champion winning it all in her short stint with the company. She has worked on her persona and is quite the royal-looking woman right now, with her beauty shining in her stunning entrances. Charlotte might be this beautiful woman who has made the right choice in picking pro wrestling as a career, but her choices in partners have been horrible so far. She was married to TNA wrestler Bram a few years ago, which may be surprising for some because of how brawny and unattractive he looks. The two were hitched for about two years before going through with a divorce in 2015.

14 Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks may have been the "Boss" of the Women's Division over the past few years, but she's been quite the stunning boss because of her attractive looks. The former Raw Women's Champion has also worked on making herself look more beautiful over the years and has been looking quite sexy ever since making her main roster bow. Her beauty and amazing in-ring ability make her quite the desirable women for many fellows, but Banks is actually engaged in real life. She has been in a relationship with Kid Mikaze, who has been WWE's costume designer for the past few years. Mikaze maybe this rather unattractive guy, but he's been with Sasha ever since they hit it off at the Independent scene and is a lucky man to be at her side as she enjoys a lot of success at WWE.

13 Alexa Bliss

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Alexa Bliss is known as the "Goddess of WWE" for a reason and that's because she has been treated like one ever since making her jump from NXT to the main roster in 2016. Bliss has enjoyed a lot of success on the main roster and is the first woman to have won both the Raw and Smackdown Women's Championship, as her stunning looks and great gimmick immensely helped her cause. While everyone was drooling over how amazing she looks, not many knew that she was engaged to NXT's Buddy Murphy. The two met when they were part of a trio at NXT and hit it off pretty well, as Alexa has been deeply in love with him ever since. Murphy is a scruffy, unattractive guy who should be counting his stars for having Bliss as his girlfriend, but the two have looked really happy together for the past few years.

12 Brie Bella

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Brie Bella was part of something really special in the WWE when she was alongside her sister Nikki and the two dominated the Divas Division a few years ago. The Bella's mainstream attention forced the WWE to promote them as top stars, as they got into the reality TV show "Total Divas" and recently got their own show in "Total Bellas". Brie is definitely a beautiful diva who was pushed for her stunning looks, and she's doing great in her real life where she's looking after her family with Daniel Bryan. Now Daniel Bryan may be a massive fan-favorite, he isn't really that good-looking and the word "Goat-Face" describes how unattractive he is. But Brie fell in love with him not for his looks because of how much of a wonderful guy he is in real life and they seem to be really happy together right now.

11 Lauryn McBride


Jerry "The King" Lawler has been associated with professional wrestling for the past four decades now, with the infamous commentator for WWE making frequent appearances in the company now and then. Lawler has been part of quite a few marriages in his life and while he's been divorce around three times now, he can't seem to live without a hot partner. He's currently in a relationship with Lauryn McBride, who is much younger than him but is quite the gorgeous lady herself. It's actually surprising to realize that the ragged, old Jerry is still capable of having such a beautiful girlfriend which proves how his legacy has helped him stay popular among the ladies. Lawler may look unattractive these days, but he's still gotten a stunning girlfriend which proves just how lucky he still is with the ladies.

10 Liv Morgan

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Liv Morgan has recently stormed into the main roster as part of the Riott Squad on Smackdown Live! where she has been causing much havoc with Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan. The stunning Morgan had worked hard at NXT over the past year or so to get her opportunity to get pushed onto the main roster and she was in a relationship with Enzo Amore when she was there as well. Enzo might be this unattractive, scruffy looking dude but he did manage to charm Liv into becoming his girlfriend for a while before their relationship came crashing down when they broke up after Liv found him cheating on her. It's quite crazy for Enzo to cheat on a beauty like Morgan, who has improved her work in WWE since that break-up and is making strides to get herself over on Smackdown Live!

9 Stephanie Fisher

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Eugene may be remembered as the weird-looking mentally challenged wrestler who competed in the WWE during the Ruthless Aggression era, where he mimicked the moves of other wrestlers and made for some really funny stuff in WWE. He didn't have the looks to make it as a star, which is why WWE gave him that gimmick, but Eugene made the most of it and was quite popular at a point in time. He may have left WWE many years ago, but it seems that the popularity from WWE helped his personal life as he's currently married to a stunning woman in Stephanie Fisher. She's a model whose won many competitions in her career, with this gorgeous woman being with the unattractive Eugene for some years now, proving how even the "jobbers" of WWE attain enough popularity to get smoking-hot partners like Eugene did.


8 Catalina White

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Jack Swagger looked to be a promising talent for WWE in his initial years for the company, but his lack of charisma and mediocre looks canned his chances of becoming a future star for WWE. Swagger did win the World Heavyweight Championship soon after debuting on the main roster, but he lost it fairly quickly and regressed after that. He was treated as a jobber to the stars before being let go by WWE last year and is trying his hand in MMA right now. Despite his failures at WWE, something Swagger can be proud of is having a smoking-hot wife in Catalina White. She's a professional model who has appeared in many beauty magazines, and while it may be surprising that a gorgeous woman like Catalina would fall for a ragged, plain-looking guy like Swagger, the two seem to share a deep bond and are very happy together.

7 Kaitlyn

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Kaitlyn may be remembered as the winner of the first-ever "all-female" season of WWE NXT in 2010, after which she had a rather memorable period on the main roster. She was mostly a mid-carder but won the Divas Championship at one point, with the smoking-hot diva opting to leave the WWE to focus on her clothing line and her marriage. She was married to a body-builder named PJ Braun, who wasn't really the best looking guy. While he had the muscles, his looks were very mediocre and he was quite unattractive when compared to the gorgeous Kaitlyn. The two were married for about three years before going through a divorce last year and Kaitlyn is looking absolute smashing nowadays and is poised to make a return to professional wrestling later this year, with a return at the Royal Rumble looking possible.

6 Velvet Sky

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Velvet Sky was one of the reasons for the TNA Knockout's Division getting a lot of attention a few years ago, with her great work as part of "The Beautiful People" helping the knockouts gain a lot of popularity. Sky won the TNA Knockout's Title multiple times and won the TNA Knockout's Tag Team Titles as well, doing some great work as a heel in the knockout's division. It was also at TNA where fell in love with Bubba Ray Dudley a few years ago. They make a bit of an odd couple because of how sexy Sky is and how unattractive the "hardcore" Bully Ray is, but the two have been deeply in love for quite some-time now. With both wrestlers seemingly done with wrestling, the two will now look to settle together and Bully Ray is a lucky man to have a gorgeous woman like Sky by his side.

5 Collette Foley

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Mick Foley embodied himself as the working class hero in the WWE during the 90s where he had to work really hard in order to become a top superstar in the company and get his moment of glory. Now Foley didn't have the looks to be a top WWE superstar, so he let his antics do the talking and people fell in love with his in-ring work and not with his unattractive looks. Despite all that, Foley can be proud to say that he's got quite the stunning wife by his side for the past for over the past 25 years! Collette Foley is still quite beautiful, which proves how lucky Mick has been to be with this gorgeous woman who has supported him throughout his career and is also a key reason for him becoming the "Hardcore Legend" over the years.

4 Sable

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Sable was THE hottest woman in the WWE during the Attitude Era when she gained recognition as the top diva at the time, winning the Women's Championship soon after making her in-ring debut. After initially starting out as the valet of Marc Mero, Sable soon became popular on her own with the fans loving her raunchy antics and sexy looks. Her gimmick was based on that and was really popular for the next few years. But in her late WWE years, Sable met "the beast" Brock Lesnar and the two instantly hit it off. She got married to him later on, which many felt to be weird considering how Lesnar didn't seem her type. Lesnar was never known for his looks and is billed as the "beast" because of his monstrous looks as this couple is the literal definition of a case of Beauty and the Beast in the wrestling world.

3 Rochelle Roman

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Baron Corbin has developed himself into quite the nasty heel in the WWE ever since making the jump to the main roster, with the former United States Champion setting up nicely to be a top heel in the future. Corbin also has the looks of a heel as he's actually quite unattractive and uses that to his advantage to make his character seem like more of a pest, but his looks haven't had an impact on his personal life. Corbin is actually doing great and is in a relationship with a woman named Rochelle Roman, who is a beautiful counterpart to the unattractive Corbin. Roman is often pictured going to events with Corbin and seems to be a gorgeous girlfriend of the WWE superstar and while Corbin may seem like this infuriating "Lone Wolf", he's actually very happy with Rochelle in real life.

2 Rachael Ellering

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Rachael Ellering is trying to follow her father's footsteps into becoming a star in the WWE and she's impressed enough to get a place at NXT as Rachael Evers. The daughter of Paul Ellering aka the manager of the Authors of Pain has been quite impressive in the past few months and looks to be heading in the right path in NXT in order to become a successful WWE superstar. Rachael is also quite the beautiful woman herself which gives her an upper-hand in getting over at WWE and she's currently in a relationship with Kassius Ohno of NXT. Now while Ohno might be a great competitor, his looks have regressed over the years and he looks like a scrubby, unfit man right now. Ellering seems to be deeply in love with Ohno, as the two can now live together due to them both being at NXT.

1 Jojo

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Jojo may come off as a really nice, sweet woman going by her work in the WWE as the ring announcer, but she completely changed that perception last year when it was revealed that she was actually cheating with Bray Wyatt. Now Wyatt may be this haunting figure in WWE, but he was actually a very family-oriented man before his wife found out about his affair with Jojo and exposed him to the whole internet. He's even going through a difficult divorce, but he seems to be enjoying life with his new girlfriend in Jojo and one can see why. Jojo is actually a smoking-hot woman and is way above Wyatt's level in terms of looks, with the scruffy and unattractive Bray being really fortunate to have Jojo at his side, as the two being deeply in love and seemingly having no regrets about destroying a healthy marriage either!


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