Women Of WWE Cosplay As Kane In Steamy Photoshoot

Kane's return to the WWE was somewhat of a surprise, and the old-school style booking that has seen him destroy a number of WWE Superstars since his return has been even more surprising. With a win over one of the hottest WWE Superstars, Finn Balor, WWE is clearly interested in making  Kane seem unstoppable.

While the WWE Universe might not be buying it, and everything that Kane does might lead to a defeat at the hands of Braun Strowman, Vince McMahon and company are trying to find ways to celebrate the "Big Red Monster" since his return. WWE has even reached out to the women of SmackDown Live to help bring awareness to a WWE Superstar who was once one of the most dangerous in all of WWE.

Celebrating Kane's 20 years in WWE, female competitors like Charlotte Flair posted tweets of themselves dressed in red and black for Halloween and paying homage to Kane in their posts. Flair started by asking fans to dance with her and bring the demons to their knees and Natalya and Becky Lynch got into the action as well.


How long Kane is back for is a question the WWE Universe is asking. Is this a one-time return and eventual send-off as Kane closes in at the end of his in-ring time as a professional wrestler? Or, is this just the beginning of a long run that will see Kane back to his former unstoppable self, perhaps even leading to a return of The Undertaker?

With Halloween just around the corner, the timing of Kane's return is impeccable. He's also helping out at a time WWE could use the extra talent on its roster. With a number of WWE Superstars out of commission thanks to viral infections and the Raw roster already short on big-name regular talent, it appears Kane is going to put his political aspirations outside the ring on hold while he runs through the WWE roster.


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