5 Women In WWE That Would Be Mega Stars BEFORE The Revolution

Women have achieved so much in WWE over the last few years that them performing in main events and stealing shows has become commonplace. WWE's females have competed inside Hell In A Cell and battled it out for a Money In The Bank briefcase. Truth be told, there isn't much left in WWE that women haven't done. It's refreshing and has led to some incredible matches. Before the current revolution, women were viewed very differently in WWE. Their ability to wrestle wasn't exactly held in high regard and as long as they looked good WWE would find a place for them. Some of the females on the current roster were present during that time and managed to evolve and adapt to fit in with the current crop of Superstars. However, there are some women who have worked for WWE that probably would have felt more at home being an employee of the company before the current revolution took hold.

5. Summer Rae

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What better place to start this list than someone who was only very recently released by WWE, Summer Rae. Rae is a classic example of a Superstar that the Women's Revolution has left behind. When Rae was hired, WWE was at the tail end of an era that didn't necessarily care whether the women they employed could wrestle or not. In fact, she was never really brought in to wrestle at all. Rae was first introduced to us as Fandango's dancer and was hired to play the Torrie Wilson/Stacy Kiebler role that had proved so popular years before. Then the revolution kicked in, and there was no real need for that role in WWE anymore.


4. Maryse and Maria

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This list is really only supposed to be for five Superstars, but the roles Maryse and Maria Kanellis are currently playing in WWE are so similar that it's impossible to separate them. They both accompany their real-life husbands to the ring and both wrestled in WWE before the revolution, but don't compete in the squared circle today. They're even both pregnant right now. The similarities are seemingly endless. Prior to the Women's Revolution, both of these women had a place inside the ring for WWE. In 2017, however, it doesn't look like that's the case anymore. They may be called upon from time to time to compete in multi-woman matches or mixed tag matches with their husbands, but they probably won't be becoming Women's Champions anytime soon.


3. Lana

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One woman who is trying to break from the role that Maryse and Maria currently portray is Lana. The Ravishing Russian was introduced to the WWE Universe as the valet to her real-life husband, Rusev. Lana aspires for more though and has been training at the Performance Center and with NXT to try and catch up with the extremely talented women she shares a roster with. She had a chance on SmackDown Live, but for now, it seems like the powers-that-be are not impressed. Lana returned to being a valet on Tuesday night,  Tamina instead of Rusev, and Daniel Bryan even made a low key joke about her not being included at Survivor Series because she isn't a good enough wrestler a few weeks ago.


2. Mandy Rose

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Despite the Women's Revolution currently raging on in WWE, and a large chunk of the females responsible for it coming from NXT, the company and its developmental territory are not completely out of the business of hiring women based on looks. Blonde bombshell Mandy Rose is a current NXT Superstar and we've yet to really see what she's made of in the ring. She was introduced to fans via the latest season of Tough Enough, and even though Rose didn't win the competition she was hired by WWE nonetheless. Now, she may very well be coming along great and could wind up being a terrific in-ring performer, however her lack of TV time since signing would suggest otherwise.


1. Eva Marie

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At the beginning of Mandy Roses's NXT career she actually acted as a sort of protege to Eva Marie—or at least that's how their relationship was portrayed on Total Divas. Mandy wanted to form a tag team with All Red Everything and Eva was less than taken with the idea. In hindsight, she maybe should have taken Rose up on the offer as Marie has since been released whereas Rose remains. Truth be told, though Eva Marie never gave the impression that she really wanted to be with WWE for the long haul and was instead using the company as a stepping stone. That's exactly why she would have fit in prior to the Women's Revolution. Quite a few females did that in years gone by, and now Eva does all sorts of things in entertainment, but wrestling isn't one of them.


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