Women’s Wrestling: 8 Rumors The WWE Doesn’t Want You To Know About (And 7 They Do)

The red hot rumor mill in wrestling is always giving us an insight into the future of WWE. Women’s wrestlers are not excluded from this. Most of the news revolves around the male names like Roman Reigns and John Cena, but the recent popularity of the women’s revolution has led to their names being floated out there more than ever. There are various rumors going around right now regarding the ladies on Raw, SmackDown and NXT. They range from rumors that WWE love being out there due to receiving positive attention from it. Others are rumors they want hidden from the mass audience since it could make them look bad.

We'll take a look at the speculation and social media gossip going around these days. Some of them have been proven with the wrestlers discussing it. Most are still being discussed with fans going back and forth trying to figure out how true it is. Both sides will be examined here as we explain why WWE wants some of these stories out there and wants to shut others down from gaining more traction. These are eight women’s wrestling rumors that the WWE doesn’t want you to know about and another seven that they do want you to know.

15 Don’t: WWE Contemplating Turning Bayley Heel

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The biggest issue in the WWE Women’s Division right now is figuring out what to do with Bayley. Triple H committed years of character into creating something special for her in NXT. WWE tried pushing her right off the bat on the main roster with zero development. It ended up hurting her in the long run as fans started to turn against her leading into a recent injury.

Bayley is sidelined and WWE is rumored to be confused as to how to book her when she returns. There are many pundits that think she should turn heel. Others believe WWE should write an effective story to get her momentum back. The rumor of WWE even considering turning such a character heel isn’t news they want floating around but it is too late.

14 Do: First Ever Women's Royal Rumble Match Is Likely

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WWE has tried to give the women’s wrestlers in the company similar opportunities to the men in recent years. We have witnessed the first ever Hell in a Cell match and first ever Money in the Bank match featuring women over the past year. Rumors are going around that we'll also see another history making instance when the first ever women’s Royal Rumble match takes place in early 2018.

It makes perfect sense as the two women’s rosters on Raw and SmackDown have enough credible ladies to field a Royal Rumble match. This would add more importance to the Women’s Division and set up a huge WrestleMania match. WWE likely wants this idea in the heads of the fans as we inch closer to 2018. All it does is add anticipation and excitement until the match is announced.

13 Don’t: Emma Being Buried for Social Media Complaints

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The recent character of Emma on WWE television has featured her constantly being over the top about her social media feed. Emma creates new hashtags each week when boasting about her talent. This would be cool if it led to her cheating her ways to wins. Emma loses almost every single week and is placed as a tier significantly lower than the likes of Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Nia Jax on Raw.

WWE is reportedly trying to make her look delusional in regards to how they view her antics on social media calling for a chance to do something relevant on television. Emma getting television time is a good thing but it may go nowhere since she just loses to the bigger names. The company burying someone for wanting an opportunity is not a fact they want fans to know about.

12 Do: Morale High After Natalya's Title Win

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Natalya winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at Summerslam was a huge peak moment for her career. The role of Natalya has been to help the other women in the division improve enough for WWE to push them. It wasn’t in the cards for Natalya to be in the spotlight until WWE finally pulled the trigger on making her champ this year.

Every woman in WWE has nothing but amazing words to share about Natalya. She has helped everyone get better and offers them friendship. The argument can be made that Natalya is the most popular person backstage in WWE. Recent reports indicate that the locker room has high morale due to seeing that Natalya’s hard work and backstage reputation allowed her to shine on such a big stage. WWE would be thrilled to have rumors of high morale being on the internet.

11 Don’t: Nothing For Charlotte & Becky Lynch

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Charlotte Flair was dominating the Raw roster during her reign of greatness and Becky Lynch was the first SmackDown Women’s Champion this time last year. Neither woman has anything going on in the overall product right now. The SmackDown title picture on the women’s side of things has featured Naomi, Natalya, Carmella and even Lana has been the title contenders in recent months.

Despite being two of the most talented and popular women in the company, Charlotte and Becky are doing nothing of note. WWE reportedly has nothing planned for them at the moment. Part of the rational here is that they want to build the other SmackDown women up to their level before starting new rivalries. The company wouldn’t want the fan bases of two popular wrestlers being aware of having nothing for them.

10 Do: Ronda Rousey Close To Signing With WWE

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The star power and intensity of Ronda Rousey have been things that enticed WWE for years now. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have formed a relationship with the UFC legend due to her passion of professional wrestling. Rousey appeared at WrestleMania 31 in a very memorable segment with Triple H, Stephanie and The Rock to create something special.

Now, it appears Ronda is done with MMA and looking to the next chapter in her life. Triple H reportedly talked business with Rousey when she showed up to the Mae Young Classic to support her MMA Four Horsewomen friend Shayna Baszler. WWE already teased a potential MMA Four Horsewomen vs. WWE Four Horsewomen match. All of the attention and discussion online from the Rousey rumors is what WWE wants.

9 Don’t: Paige Close to Full Health

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Paige is arguably the most controversial figure on the WWE women’s roster. The company once viewed her as the face of the future. Triple H made her the first NXT Women’s Champion and WWE had her win the Divas Championship on her first night on the main roster. Paige had a strong fan base, but WWE soured on her due to a romantic relationship with Alberto Del Rio.

The release of Del Rio, multiple Paige suspensions, an old leaked intercourse tape, domestic abuse questions and a full year of Paige recovering from injury all led to controversy. Paige is still rehabbing following neck surgery. The hope of Paige is to return to WWE when she is 100%. WWE doesn’t want fans being aware of her health status as they're not sure about bringing her back. The speculation is the company will consider just running out her contract and letting her move on to other things.

8 Do: Carmella Scheduled to Win SmackDown Women's Championship

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Carmella being the first ever women’s Money in the Bank winner and Baron Corbin losing his MITB title shot each work out in Carmella’s favor. The likely outcome is Carmella successfully cashing in her title shot and winning the SmackDown Women’s Championship at some point before next June. Carmella’s heel character continues to improve and WWE strongly believes in her going forward.

The fact that her cash-in being successful is so obvious would be disappointing to wrestling promotions in most cases, but it works to her advantage here. Fans think about the cash-in coming at every single show from SmackDown to PPVs to even live events. The excitement adds to the finish of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match every time. Until Carmella does actually cash in, this is a fun variable that WWE benefits from.

7 Don’t: Lost Confidence in Lana

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The hype behind Lana on the SmackDown brand featured months of vignettes advertising her re-debut as a singles wrestler. WWE even placed her in three consecutive SmackDown Women’s Championship matches against Naomi to introduce her as someone to take seriously. The in-ring skills of Lana still lacked and were not up to par with the other women on the roster that had way more experience.

Lana witnessed her television time regress gradually up to the point where she no longer wrestles on television. The new role of Lana has her manage Tamina essentially going back into the role she had with Rusev. WWE seems to have lost all confidence in Lana as a wrestler and are transitioning her back into a full-time manager. Many people in WWE love Lana’s potential and wouldn’t want this news getting out there.

6 Do: Nikki Bella Looking to Break Out in Mainstream Entertainment

Nikki Bella getting a spot on the Dancing with the Stars reality show is a break she has been hoping to get for quite some time. The desires of Nikki are to become a mainstream celebrity outside of the wrestling ring similar to her love interest John Cena. Dancing with the Stars is one of the bigger reality shows in the country and Nikki getting a spot is huge for her career.

Many fans are disappointed that she won’t be back in WWE for quite some time since this show could take months of time. Despite losing out on using a popular star, Nikki getting a higher profile is good for WWE. Both Bella Twins want to remain in the WWE family for the rest of their careers. Any success they find outside of the ring is good for the company.

5 Don’t: Liv Morgan Dumped Enzo Amore for Tyler Bate

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The latest romance rumor in WWE focuses on NXT women’s wrestler Liv Morgan. WWE doesn’t necessarily like when their wrestlers have romantic drama out in the public since it can lead to negative publicity. Enzo Amore being a huge story right now for the locker room despising him makes it even worse that he is involved in more drama.

Morgan tweeted about her relationship ending with Enzo and no longer having to worry about being cheated on. The new buzz is focused on Liv and WWE UK prospect Tyler Bate flirting with each other on social media. It would appear the two are becoming romantically close. WWE can’t be thrilled with both Morgan referencing the ugly ending to her relationship with Enzo and showing the signs of a new one starting.

4 Do: Eva Marie Exiled from WWE

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The downfall of Eva Marie in professional wrestling started in August of 2016. WWE wanted to give her a huge push as a heel character and there were rumors of her even becoming the first SmackDown Women’s Championship. Eva violated the WWE Wellness Policy by failing a drug test leading to a thirty-day suspension. Her husband ranted online about WWE’s policy being bogus.

WWE kept her home and refused to bring her back to television until her contract ran out. Given how many diehard fans hated Marie due to her lack of her in-ring skills, WWE likely is pleased about this information leaking. The fans will view the women’s movement as being more credible knowing that WWE quit on using Eva before letting her go.

3 Don’t: Sasha Banks Punished for Insulting Alexa Bliss

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The backstage heat between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss spilled over to television during their recent feud. Banks made her feelings known during an episode of Raw Talk by trashing Bliss for not having passion for the wrestling business along with being a phony backstage. Corey Graves implied on Bring it to the Table that Banks’ attitude is what constantly holds her back referring to comments like that.

Sasha was originally scheduled to sit out Summerslam until a Bayley injury needed a replacement. Banks won the Raw Women’s Championship but lost it two weeks later in her first defense for the fourth consecutive reign. WWE intentionally wanted the story knowing that Banks has never successfully defended the title. Sasha appears to be transitioning into a lesser role going forward despite being one of the more popular women.

2 Do: Asuka's Undefeated Streak to Become Major Part of Raw

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The most fascinating aspect of Asuka’s transition from NXT to the main roster is her undefeated streak from NXT is still being intact. Asuka’s undefeated streak of nearly 200 victories in NXT to zero losses became part of her mystique. WWE made the decision to have her vacate the NXT Women’s Championship rather than have her lose before coming to Raw.

Asuka keeping her streak means it will be part of her character on the main roster. This being a well-known aspect of her call-up is great for WWE. Fans discussing the undefeated streak give it more attention before she even debuts on the big stage. Asuka is a special talent with years of NXT booking making her unlike anyone else in the company. The fact that this is already being established is just going to help the company make Asuka a major part of the Raw brand.

1 Don’t: Banned Brie Bella from Posting Training Video with Bryan

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Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan having their first child Birdie has not stopped either party from wanting to return to the wrestling ring. Bryan believes he is healthy enough to compete despite WWE doctors stating otherwise. Brie is already preparing for a return to WWE in 2018 as she tries to get back into ring shape in between being a parent.

Both Bryan and Brie found some personal time to go to a place with a wrestling ring and train. They received video for both the Bellas YouTube channel and the Total Divas reality show of Brie hitting Bryan with a dropkick. WWE stepped in and demanded Brie never posts that video anywhere as they don’t want footage of Bryan taking a bump online. The company stepping in with such demands isn’t something they wanted out, but Brie and Bryan let it slip during a recent social media live stream.

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